Discovery Channel to air new programmes in Ultimate Discovery

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International NetworksNew Delhi: Strengthening the content line-up of its 9pm prime time band, India’s leading factual entertainment network, Discovery Channel has launched enriching new programmes during its time band - Ultimate Discovery.

Airing every night at 9pm, Ultimate Discovery promises to enlighten and engage viewers with more astonishing programmes in the year.

Ultimate Discovery, since its launch in 2008, has successfully brought for its viewers the unimaginable world of Science, Exploration, History, Adventure and Wildlife.

Announcing the launch of refreshing content, Rahul Johri, Senior Vice President and General Manager – South Asia, Discovery Networks Asia-Pacific said, “ Ultimate Discovery is our firm commitment to viewers to present the best of Discovery Channel at their preferred hour, every day of the week.”

Therefresh of the time bandincludes launch of series like The Magic of Science, which captures rising stars from the world of magic;The wildlife series, Wild Asia, gives the viewer chance to see one of the most beautiful and varied regions of the world; History Of The World lets onto a journey to unravel the mystery about our evolution in;Grand Design:  Stephen Hawking willintroducethe viewers to the intriguing aspects and mysteries of our universe; And in the three special episodes, Bear Gryllsshows how to survive in some ofthe new inhospitable and hostile surroundings.

Tune in for an exciting array of shows that are high on drama, fast paced action and cutting edge style. Here every story is crucial and every scene delightfully memorable. Get set for the ultimate. There simply isn’t anything bigger.

The Premiers on Ultimate Discovery:

The Magic of Science  Mondays 9pm
How does a magician crush an oil tanker like it’s a drinks can? Or drive across a swimming pool without sinking?The Magic of Science presents the world of magic which wow the unsuspecting public with a variety of amazing tricks, before culminating their dazzling display with one truly astounding stunt. Having floored their audience with this remarkable spectacle, the wily magicians then reveal the stunning science behind their incredible illusions.

How Do They Do It?  Mondays 9:30pm

Ever wonder how that GPS System you got from your friends actually works?  Or, how engineers fit all that horse power in the Ferrari you wish you had gotten with the GPS?  How Do They Do It provides answers to these questions and more about Ferraris, GPS systems, mega freeways, champagne, jumbo jets, gravity suits, LED televisions, electricity and other popular everyday or exotic items.

Wild Asia  Wednesdays, 9pm
Asia is one of the most beautiful and varied regions of the world and its forests hold many interesting creatures that have adapted in the face of adversity. Discovery Channel brings Asia’s untamed wilderness to your home for an intimate look at the amazing animals that call wild Asia home.  From India to Indonesia to Japan, explore Asia’s sparkling shorelines, arid deserts and lush rainforests, unveiling the exotic mysteries hidden within this continent of contrasts.

History Of The World  Fridays 9pm
Discovery Channel brings to you 70,000 years of human history to life in an awe-inspiring series that travels through time showcasing epic stories in history, populated with big characters in the places where the epic events really happened. Combining dramatic reconstruction with visually stunning graphics recreating lost worlds, this mega series reveals how military campaigns, love stories, assassinations, medical breakthroughs and cataclysmic natural events have had decisive and game-changing effects on the world’s shared history.

This is history as it should be told; dramatic, revelatoryand exciting – the definitive account of millenia ofhuman civilisation, which made us who we are today.

Grand Design:  Stephen Hawking  Saturdays, 9pm
What is the meaning of life? Who holds the key to the cosmos?Did God create the universe? Tune in to Grand Design: Stephen Hawking, where the planet’s most eminent physicist addresses three of the most contentious issues that surround scientific understanding. Unfolding his personal compelling vision of the universe Hawking evaluates a variety of intricate ideas.

Ultimate Survivor - Bear Grylls Sundays, 9pm
Bear Grylls has served with the British Special Forces, climbed to the summit of Everest and crossed the frozen oceans of the Arctic. In the first of an exciting new survival expedition, Bear’s travels to Europe’s greatest mountain range-The Alps- a place where hundreds of people die each year to show us how to survive in potentially fatal conditions.From a radical new technique which could help save lives in Crevass zones, to building a snow shelter to survive alpine storms, to showing us how to escape from a fall into a frozen lake, Bear Grylls puts his own very special skills to the test.  This is the ultimate survival challenge.

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