Discovery Channel to air Nelson Mandela special

December 6, 2021 4:19 pm0 commentsViews: 17

New Delhi: Paying a tribute to the great Nelson Mandela, Discovery Channel Discovery Channel will air a special programme on him on December 7 at 9 PM. The programme titled as The Making of Mandela , commemorates the remarkable and inspiring life of the legendary leader.

A moving, intimate portrait told through the words of an astonishing cast of close friends, comrades and associates such as former South African President Frederik Willem de Klerk,The Making of Mandela is a unique programme that tells the story of a man who dedicated his life to his people and dismantled South Africa’s apartheid system.

A one hour programme The Making of Mandela will premiere on Saturday, December 7 at 9 pm and Sunday, December 8 at 8 pm only on Discovery Channel.

Narrated by British actor David Harewood, the interviews are supplemented by Mandela’s own recordings for his book, A Long Walk to Freedom. The Making of Mandela pieces together Mandela’s incredible trajectory; an impassioned freedom fighter who overcame intense persecution to become leader of his own nation and a global symbol of hope and peace to the world.

Nelson Mandela was arguably one of the most influential political figures of any era. From his rise to prominence as a member of the African National Congress he became, for many, the archetypal freedom fighter, anti-apartheid campaigner and political prisoner; a rise that culminated in his election to President of South Africa 10th May 1994.


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