Discovery Channel launches new show ‘World’s Toughest Driving Tests’

December 3, 2021 5:17 pm0 commentsViews: 3

New Delhi:Discovery Channel will transport viewers to the world’s most extreme environments in an all new series, World’s Toughest Driving Tests.

On the driver’s seat will be actor, Will Mellor and comedian, Kirsten O’Brien, both of whom have swapped their safe rides and suburban streets in a bid to discover ‘who is the better driver’.

Starting 2nd December, watch World’s Toughest Driving Tests every Monday to Friday at 10PM, only on Discovery Channel.

In this action-packed thriller, Mellor and O’Brien will maneuver army tanks in Romania, amphibious rescue vehicles in Canada, gravity defying snow groomers in France and, among other tricky vehicles, they will tackle massive dump trucks in Scotland. The pair must compete in a series of tantalizing and terrifying challenges and the one who has lived and breathed the vehicle. Who has learnt from the locals and shown nerves of steel despite the odds, will be crowned the winner.

In the season premiere, the hosts prepare for their first head-to-head battle in the Romanian Army’s frontline combat tank, the TR-85. To succeed, they must undergo a week’s hard graft in sub-zero conditions followed by three days of training to master the tank, a process that ordinarily requires 12 weeks. Can Mellor abandon his celebrity mansion for shared army barracks with three burly Romanian soldiers? Can O’Brien face the reality of driving a machine built for real-life war? Together, can they endure temperatures of minus 17, handle firearms and face combat situations while grappling with night vision? And in the final showdown, who will muster their skills and win the test?

Viewers will see extraordinary vehicles, entertaining challenges and road-trip rivalry, with an emotional experience and a culture clash. Watch the phenomenal new series World’s Toughest Driving Tests starting Monday, 2nd December at 10PM, only on Discovery Channel.


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