Discovery Channel launches new episodes of Food Factory

February 6, 2022 3:22 pm0 commentsViews: 11

discovery_channel_new_logoSpicy salsa, cheesy fries and yummy donuts, ever wondered what would life be without these mouth-watering foods items? While it might be difficult to imagine a life without one’s favourite foods, it can be interesting to see how these amazing foods are prepared on a grand scale. Join Discovery Channel on an exciting journey of witnessing food production on a large scale.

This February, Discovery Channel brings for the food lovers, an opportunity to visit mega-food factories around the world cooking-up a storm that makes life much more exciting.

Discovery Channel offers a chance to visit high-tech factories where food gets its taste and shape. The show will discover every aspect of food preparation, right from technology to raw materials to cooking process to the packaging of most loved dishes of the world. It will also uncover some secret ingredients that help the food take its signature taste. Throughout the second season of Food Factory, viewers will go behind the scenes of some of the most mouth-watering food factories. This snack-filled series will nostalgically transport viewers back to their childhood, when raiding their parents’ kitchen was like discovering a treasure trove of sugary, salty fun.

Mixing, chopping, sifting, filling, freezing, boiling, and wrapping are just a few of the transfixing steps to look out for. Meet the brand ambassadors and factory employees who will recount the product’s history in American cuisine, touching on nostalgic elements in pop culture as well as the product’s evolution over the decades.

Watch Food Factory Season 2, starting February 10, every night at 8pm only on Discovery Channel.

Highlights from episodes:
• Discover how gooey glazed donuts get blasted by an icing waterfall, while ice cream bars are given a chocolate bath; why health-conscious Korean astronauts take pickled kimchi into outer space; and the lengths that salt miners will go to to put “white gold” on people’s plates.

• How a tangy ancient cheese once made by monks gets a modern makeover; crunchy fortune cookies come sweet, tasty and packed full of good advice; and a popular summertime snack gets stuffed with ice creamy coolness.What do 1 million jars of marmalade and Formula One racing have in common?

•How sweet, crispy waffle cones get their ice cream-ready shape; rich, dark chocolate milk is transformed from creamy to dreamy?

•Discover how modern technology has transformed the way traditional Indian flatbread is baked?

•How classic Tootsie Pops get that chewy reward in the middle; sweet and tangy ketchup contains all of the five taste sensations?

•Cool and fruity mango chutney is the Indian condiment used as ketchup, relish and mustard all at once.


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