Discovery Channel launches Inside the Gangster’s Code series

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International NetworksNew Delhi:For the first time in what is considered to be television’s most intimate and thorough study of prison gang culture, Discovery Channel’s Inside the Gangster’s Code goes behind bars and takes viewers on an all-access pass into the previously impenetrable and the dark world of some notorious organizations. Join former mafia insider and ex-convict, Lou Ferrante, into his quest as tounravel the secrets and truth about the world’s hidden leaders: gangsters whose international reach and power have grown to epic levels.Join him as he re-enters this hellish world he walked away from a decade ago and taps into his knowledge and inside networks.

The four-partseries, Inside the Gangster’s Code airsevery Sunday at 10pm, starting March 17, 2022 only on Discovery Channel.

An exciting new series,Inside the Gangsters Code is an exclusive look atreal lifelawbreakersfrom across the globe and their paradox of organized crimes - illegal activities that are both hidden and blatant. From Latin America, to the United States and Europe, ex-mafioso boss, Lou,infiltrates some of the most dangerous mobs and prisons to shed new light on a variety of very different gang cultures, decodingtheir history, modes of operation, developing webs of power, motivations and political sway – in graphic detail.

Leaving no stones unturned in Inside the Gangsters Code, Lou immerses himself in thecultures of these illegal assemblages, both inside and outside of prison. Witness as he explores each gang, talks to guards, gets under the skin of outfit members,living and breathing its culture and ultimately tracking down and speaking to the men who reign over these dangerous and powerful organisations.

Inside the Gangster’s Code begins in El Salvador, home of the second highest homicide rate in the world, where rival gangs, 18th Street and MS-13, are engaged in a bloody war. Will they ever call truce? Then in Poland, home to more than 500 criminal gangs, Lou sets off on a mission to infiltrate the shadowy underworld of “The Grypsers”. Also known as ‘The Smart Ones,’ they are a notoriously private and secretive prison outfit that forms approximately 70 per cent of the Polish prison population. The big question in Lou’s mind- Do “The Grypsers” control the Polish Mafia outside prison or does the Polish Mafia control them?

Along the way he discovers a prison in the Philippines which is run by its own 20,000 prisoners and a Camorra gang, whose infighting is leading to complete anarchy on the streets of Italy.At least 300 years old, the Camorra was reputedly built on tenets of respect, honour and straight business, yet these days,they thrive on chaos.How did they evolve to their current state of anarchy?

So what drives prison gang culture? How do these illicit associations run their activities, grow and prosper behind bars, yet continue to terrorizecommunities living outside? Find out all you ever wanted to know about real life prison gangs in the following episodes:

18th Street, El Salvador
Lou travels to El Salvador, home of the second highest homicide rate in the world, to meet 18th Street, a ruthless, multi-ethnic, transactional criminal organisation engaged in a bloody war with rival gang MS-13. To find out what motivates the on-going war, Lou realises he will have to meet their feared and infamous leader, Viejo Lin, and journey to Izalco Prison in Sonsonate, which houses 838 of the country’s most violent 18th Street gang members, including many of its feared inner circle.

The Burqueños, United States
Lou visits Albuquerque, United States, to meet the Burqueños, one of the world’s newest and fastest growing prison gangs. Witness first-hand, their violent and secret recruitment processes of new members.While there, Lou discovers how the Burqueños’ power is threatening blood rival TCK, and attempts to score an exclusive interview with Jeff Padilla, the menacing gangster, mafia boss, and supposed shot caller for the Burqueños. With the Burqueños’ strict code of silence, Lou certainly has his work cut out for him.

The Camorra, Italy
Naples, Italy, is viewed by many as the birth place of organised crime. Lou heads back to his mother country with a mission to infiltrate one of the oldest, toughest and most opaque mafias of them all - the Camorra. At least 300 years old, the Camorra was reputedly built on tenets of respect, honor and straight business, and yet these days they thrive on chaos. The police estimate that the drugs trade in the Secondigliano area of Naples alone nets Camorra gangsters over a billion Euros a year. Lou arrives in Napes in the midst of a violent inter-clan war, which rages throughout the extended region of Campagnia and discovers that for a new generation of Camorra bosses, there is no honour amongst thieves.

The Grypser Gang, Poland
Lou heads to Poland, home to more than 500 criminal gangs, to infiltrate the shadowy underworld of the Grypsers. Known as ‘The Smart Ones,’ they are a notoriously private and secretive prison gang that forms approximately 70 per cent of the Polish prison population.  Lou is on a quest to discover if the Grypsers control the Polish Mafia outside prison, or if the Polish Mafia controlthe Grypsers. Along the way he visits some extraordinary Grypser bosses including ‘Tomasz’, an English speaking ‘protected witness’ who was left for dead after his debt to the Polish mafia went bad. He is now under permanent armed protection.


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