Discovery channel launches Bear Grylls : Escape from Hell

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image001The world-renowned survival extraordinaire and expert Bear Grylls is back in the brand new Bear Grylls : Escape from Hell where he will apply his expertise one step further by pitting himself against real-life dangers faced by ordinary people stranded in devastatingly dire situations in the world’s most desolate landscapes.

Coupled with incredible archive footage and intimate interviews with the survivors – including a British scientist who was lost and alone in the deep jungles of Malaysia – Bear will show how they survived by attempting to recreate and reliving their fateful journeys through firsthand experience and demonstrating the best possible strategies for survival.

The six-part series, Bear Grylls : Escape from Hell will air every night at 9 pm, starting March 9, only on Discovery Channel.

Join Bear on the gripping six-part series of Bear Grylls : Escape from Hell as he risks his life by trekking in the shoes of these amateur adventurers across the most inhospitable locations on Earth and through the harshest weathers, dissecting and analysing the survival techniques they employed and providing expert advice and tips on what could have been done to completely elude or alleviate the severity of these unfortunate circumstances.

From a plane crash in the Amazon, to remote crevasses of the European Alps, scorching North African desert and more, Bear will toss himself into the same unforgiving landscapes where these incidents took place and attempt to live, sleep, survive and navigate to safety. Watch as he traces and reconstructs the steps and actions of these survivors – and even suggests what he thought they could have done better – including throwing himself into mini-avalanches, leaping off from cliff ledges to tree tops, hunting and eating animals and insects unique to each terrain, creating shelters and making weapons.

Commenting on the series, Rahul Johri, senior vice president & general manager, India, Discovery Networks Asia-Pacific said, “Bear Grylls: Escape From Hell presents Bear Grylls taking on bigger challenges as he throws himself into the harshest of situations using his vast knowledge of life-saving techniques. An extremely thrilling series, it will attract high appointment viewing from both men and women.”

“In this new format series, viewers can also look forward to more inspiring stories of endurance and persistence from the iconic explorer.” Johri added.

While each landscape presents its own unique set of challenges, they also share universal themes of survival; hydration, shelter, warmth, food and navigation.

Bear uncovers how each survivor cheated death using ingenuity and persistence to ensure they had at least one of these necessities. Along the way, he demonstrates crucial life-saving skills that can be easily executed by inexperienced adventurers, including drinking the blood of a snake for crucial hydration in the scorching desert, minimising the loss of mobile phone battery energy by warming it up underneath your armpits, hunting tarantulas in the jungle for vital caloric intake, creating tepee shelters from tree branches, fighting off frostbites by creating improvised hot water bottles with zip lock bags and your pee, amongst others!

Expect more than just action as Bear Grylls : Escape from Hell marries emotion with real experience in a no holds barred series that celebrates instinct, courage, ingenuity and sheer determination in the face of extreme dangers and phenomenal pressure, revealing insight into the human spirit and our instinct to survive.


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