Dholdhamaka.com launches television campaign

December 20, 2021 11:51 pm0 commentsViews: 3

New Delhi: DholDhamaka.com, India’s first online portal specializing in party and festivals needs has launched its first ever TVC. In line with the company’s motto, the ad campaign rides high on the concept of accessibility anywhere and aims at further boosting the company’s brand awareness.

The tagline “Life’s Celebrations Shop” expresses the company’s commitment to provide a bevy of products for celebrations to its customers anytime and in any corner of the country.

The ad campaign which kicks off today revolves around problems faced by people while planning a party, which can be expensive, time consuming and troublesome at the same time. Moreover in an era when time has become a luxury, finding the right gifts and products in tune with the theme and finally the execution seems to be an uphill task. The TVC successfully places Dholdhamaka as the only solution provider which counters the problem effectively and makes any kind of celebration an unforgettable affair.

Talking about the campaign Chandan Sharma, Founder, Dholdhamaka.com said, “In today’s fast paced and hectic time when life too seems to be running on a fast lane we wanted to create an ad that showcases the ease with which consumers can shop online. Embodying the spirit of celebration, the ad will surely strike a chord with those who love to have fun and throw parties but are always running short of time. While extending our connect with a wider audience the TVC successfully consolidates our place as the only dedicated online store specializing in all kind of celebrations and party needs. TVC will be on air this week in Electronic Media and Digital Media.”

The products offered by Dholdhamka range from Kids party, Adults party, Christmas, New Year to Wedding. Backed by cash on delivery and exciting offers, shopping from Dholdhamaka.com becomes a unparalleled experience which is completely free of any hassles. The ad promises to deliver party products right at the doorstep of the consumer with no shipping or any kind of extra charges involved.

As part of forward thinking marketing campaign the company has further streamlined the project with various social media and web 2.0 platforms. Creating a dialogue with customers in the digital realm, the ad campaign will also go live on youtube and create a buzz on facebook together with a flutter on twitter.

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