DB Corp to launch Divya Marathi from Akola

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Mumbai: DB Corp Limited (DBCL), India’s largest print media company  has  announced the successful launch of its latest edition of Dainik Divya Marathi from Akola, Maharashtra. With this launch the Company has expanded its presence into 6 cities in Maharashtra with 6 editions in the region and 65 editions across India.

Divya Marathi has once again been welcomed with great enthusiasm and eagerness by readers In Akola, and has emerged as the most popular newspaper in the city from first day of its launch.

Commenting on the successful launch at Akola,  Sudhir Agarwal, Managing Director, DB Corp Limited, “Divya Marathi newspaper Akola edition launch has extended our footprint even further across Maharashtra, this being our 6th edition in the state. Once again our experience was truly exciting as Akola posed its own challenges that we overcame as a team and once again brought out our execution abilities to the fore.

Akola is a developing city and one of the major cities of Vidarbha region. The city is taking rapid strides in the IT sector and also has a rich cultural heritage. It is also known for good production of cotton, grain market and oil mills. Akola is rapidly developing & expanding its infrastructure, communications and transport facilities. Evidently, Akola brings with it a new proposition and reach to advertisers and we aim to fortify our presence here to emerge as the most preferred media for corporates while also strongly connecting with readers in this region.”

DBCL’s Akola launch has once again revalidated the company’s execution prowess. The key theme anchoring the Akola launch campaign was “Launch of Divya Marathi to break the long drawn silence - Divya Marathi as unbiased, fearless and factual news daily for the people of Akola”. As with all other launches conducted in Maharashtra, an intense survey preceded the Akola launch. The survey was conducted to introduce the Divya Marathi brand to readers for the first time, connect with them, ascertain their individual preferences to ultimately develop news daily that will address their unique issues and highlight aspects that will contribute to Akola’s socio economic development.

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Following are some of the key highlights from the conducted survey:

• 94% people of Akola want an unbiased newspaper

• 91% people want Akola to have the facilities of an urban city of Maharashtra

• 93% respondents want a balanced importance of both national and international news

• 90% people want Akola to be amongst the best model cities of Maharashtra

• 91% people of Akola want that the newspaper should not favor any political party and also
the newspaper should not be run by any politician



An exciting, aggressive launch campaign to generate more anticipation until final launch

The pre-launch was planned in phases to create sufficient excitement and anticipation amongst readers with powerful hoardings conveying the ‘integrity and unbiased’ nature of the product – the key attribute for people choosing to connect with Divya Marathi. Strong focus was given to marketing activities through inserts, product hand books and pre-booking and pre-subscription orders. Pole kiosks, auto back branding, road caravans with sample version of product, and innovative ideas such as the ‘Green Ambulance’ were some of the branding activities undertaken that successfully
connected the product with its audiences.

A compelling branding campaign supported the launch and announced the progress of the survey at every stage – “Tumchi Marji Janoon Ghyayla Yetoye” (We are coming to know your opinion/wishes!) and “Na Ravanchi, Na Sahebanchi, Aata Chalel Tumchi Marji” (Neither of influential class, nor of politicians, now only public opinion will make a difference!)


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