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discovery_channel_-Secrets-New Delhi: Humans are an incredible species. We invented ways to talk to each other on opposite sides of the world. We have discovered cures for terrible diseases and some of us have even left this planet to explore space. But there’s still so much left to find out. Why is the sky blue? Could you survive in a falling lift if you jumped at the last minute? Meet daredevil geek Greg Foot who is prepared to attempt anything to find answers to some of life’s weirder frequently-asked questions.

Greg Foot, a science geek sets out to find answers to bizarre questions which have always raised our curiosity. And that’s what this series is all about - getting to the bottom of all those questions which have never been answered. Using brilliantly simple lo-fi demonstrations, hi-tech kit and extreme stunts to explore the weird science behind everything from belly flops to black holes, Greg turns non-scientists into eager enthusiasts and reveals just how mysterious and incredible our world really is.

Find out what makes chilies hot, what happens to your body after you die! If that’s not enough, self-confessed geek, Foot continues his adrenaline filled odyssey to find out the truth behind the Urban Legends like If the Whole World Jumped at the Same Time Would the Planet Move? This would not be your average half hour in front of the television.

Daredevil science geek Greg Foot is prepared to attempt ANYTHING to find you answers to some of life’s weirder frequently-asked-questions. Greg suffers to find out what humans taste of; he heads to Reading Festival to work out whether the human race could actually shift the planet by jumping at exactly the same time and whether or not a belly-flop could kill you. Along the way Greg is struck by lightning and ‘goes to the moon’ using helium balloons. It’s science - but not as you know it!

Self-confessed science geek Greg Foot continues his adrenaline fuelled odyssey to find answers to life’s frequently-asked-questions. He discovers whether there’s any truth to the urban legend that you could survive in a falling lift if you jump as it hits the ground. He’s prepared to sacrifice his friends too - in an eye-watering exposé of what makes chillies hot and - with the help of a human substitute he finds out what happens to our bodies when we die. Other secrets shared see Greg fire-walking and trying to survive an asteroid attack, while 70s throwback Professor Logic discovers the shortest route around the world. Whatever next?

The science series marches on with self-confessed science geek, Greg Foot leading the way. This time, Greg squares up to champion cage fighter Rosie Sexton and friends to discover if winning unfair fights only happens in the movies. He asks perhaps the ultimate science question - ‘why is the sky blue?’ before probing the urban legend that your eyeballs fall out if you sneeze with your eyes open. And - as if that wasn’t enough, Greg experiences the highs and lows of surviving on your own bodily fluids. Not your average half hour in front of the telly!

‘In ‘Kill Bill’, Uma Thurman was buried alive and escaped. But that was in the movies . . .’ says science geek, Greg Foot. You know what’s coming next - and you’re not disappointed! As well as being buried, Greg discovers what he needs to become the fastest man on the planet; works out why a boomerang comes back and finds out why bullet proof vests are actually bullet proof. And if you’ve ever wondered whether water drains out of the sink the other way Down Under… watch this space.

If a penny falls off the top of the Empire State Building and hits someone on the pavement, will it kill them? Science geek and adrenaline junkie Greg Foot lives to risk his neck and get to the bottom of such things. And in this episode Greg comes under sustained attack - he’s immersed in cold water to discover what extreme temperature can do to you and has his fingers hammered to test a weird painkiller. And then he investigates ‘spontaneous human combustion’. Curiouser and curiouser…

The last episode sees self-confessed science geek and adrenaline junkie Greg under pressure as he and an inflatable friend attempt to dig to Australia. He’ll stop at nothing to answer some of life’s weirder frequently-asked-questions and is sucked into quicksand to discover if it’s as deadly as the movies make out. He eats a stupefying amount of fast food to see just how quickly you can get fat without really trying and, with the help of a pig, Greg finds out whether it’s physically possible to die of a broken heart?


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