Campus Needs launches Youth Beat journal

September 10, 2021 3:12 pm0 commentsViews: 4

youth_beat_magazineNew Delhi : Campus Needs has announced the launch of  Youth Beat journal ( price and frequency not mentioned) which aims  at students to develop their general awareness and keep them abreast with the latest information from all around the world in multiple domains across cross-functional industries. It will introduce the youth to wholesome knowledge through a variety of interesting stories.

The new journal will provide a platform for the youth to connect and interact with each other. Youth Beat will cover subjects from politics to entertainment, from top universities abroad to top universities in India, from technology to recreation, from science to general knowledge.

The diverse themes will cover articles on adventure, sports, real life motivational stories, conflict resolution, problem solving, personality development, life skill education and human stories of courage and inspiration. The journal is a magazine for students to develop their skills and become all-rounders instead of just imbibing knowledge that comes from aimlessly reading and memorizing facts. The idea is to make learning a fun process and create an interest in societal changes by taking the young readers on a journey in reading, thinking and sensitizing which is as diverse as diversity can be.

Youth Beat is designed to be a magazine by the students, for the students. It will give unlimited opportunities to students to read, write, develop and succeed. All students will have opportunities to explore the journalistic, graphic, photographic or critical faculties in them as most of the content will come from students themselves.

Besides students can access all information they always wanted to know about diverse options of courses available in various universities in India and abroad, their eligibility and procedure for admission etc. Youth Beat will periodically conduct inter-school/inter-state competitions to promote healthy interactions and help students achieve developmental milestones.

Youth Beat plans to reach out to all students of all categories of schools: Public, Government and KVs across India, bringing to students in metros as well as small towns a whole new world of interesting and motivating stories.


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