Businessworld Celebrates 30th Anniversary with a Collector’s Edition

December 12, 2021 4:42 pm0 commentsViews: 4

Businessworld launched its 30th
anniversary collector’s edition. The special issue not only captures the essence
of three decades of Indian business, but also gives a bold look into the future
of business. The latest issue chronicles Indian business and also highlights
the emerging trends and their impact on business in India.

Prosenjt Datta, Editor,
said “Since its inception, Businessworld has witnessed and
reported on the changing milieu and has captured the spirit of each decade in
its pages. And in its current form, it is playing a crucial role of identifying
the new trends in business much ahead of the others.”

Commenting on the occasion, Pavan
Varshnei, President
- English magazines, ABP Group said,
“Businessworld has always provided in depth analysis of business that has been
far-sighted and insightful, helping business professionals take smarter

The special issue is divided into
two distinct halves - the Past 30 and the Future 30. For the Past 30,
Businessworld tracked down all the editors and they have written about the era
in which they edited the magazine .Five major sectors were also featured which
have seen the biggest changes and tracked the twists and turns. For the Future
30, foremost experts were invited to predict how things will change. Nirmalaya
Kumar, Vijay Govindarajan, Juan Enriquez have been featured in the magazine.

Businessworld is the highest
selling and most read business magazine in the country. Over three decades,
Businessworld has established itself as the most credible source of business
information. The Businessworld brand has expanded into related media
platforms like books and events. Publications like Marketing Whitebook and SME
Whitebook are some of its bestsellers and the Best Bank Awards, Young
Entrepreneur Awards and the Most Respected Company awards have become some of
the most prestigious business events in the country.

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