Business daily Mint launches iPad App

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New Delhi :Keeping pace with the evolving technical environment Mint, the Business daily from the Hindustan Times launches its iPad Application. The application which gives a world class browsing experience to the premium & sophisticated iPad users is available for free on the App store to try for the first 45 days. This is the third App. launched by Mint for the device in the recent months - the first two being special features on the highlights of the last two decades.

The Application is fed with real time news feed, thereby presenting the latest updates from the markets, Corporate World, Economy & Politics and more in the form of in-depth analysis, slideshows and videos. The App would also feature Mint’s exclusive editorial content in the form of Opinion, columns & blogs from some of the country’s top business journalists and editors. The App would allow users to save articles for future reference and share content over email and social networking platforms. This would be one of the very few news apps allowing the reader to express his/her opinion on the content in the form of comments.

“For the Mint iPad app, we have tried to exploit all the new things that the platform offers to an user; instead of replicating what the brand’s website offers, in keeping with the iPad’s versatility, we have adopted a dynamic design that is classy and easy to use.” says R Sukumar, Editor, Mint To create awareness about the app amongst the relevant audience, Mint has launched a focused Marketing campaign targeting the tech savvy news consumer. The campaign that has just gone live will be present across mediums including TV, Print and Internet.

The application would be available for a free trial on the App store . A demo of the application would also be available on Mint website.

Mint, a business paper from Hindustan Times in association with The Wall Street Journal was launched in 2007 with the purpose of bringing “Clarity in Business News”, a need strongly articulated by business news readers in the country.

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