Bob Blumber returns on TLC's cookery reality show Glutton for Punishment

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New Delhi: The award winning show Glutton for Punishment is back on TLC with its quirky and enigmatic host, Bob Blumer. He has travelled all across the globe exploring new ways to experiment with food and its techniques. As a chef, Blumer transforms common ingredients into awe-inspiring dishes through his unusual ways of cooking that have become his culinary trademark. Glutton for Punishment airs everyday at 10pm starting 30th January.

After completing four successful seasons of Glutton for Punishment, Bob Blumer attempts to break or establish six Guinness World Records. From making superb efforts to best a 30-year old record for peeling fifty pounds of onions, to making the world’s largest bowl of salsa, Bob has been shown pushing his speed, stamina and determination to the hilt.

Commenting on the series, Mr. Rahul Johri, senior vice president & general manager, Discovery Networks Asia-Pacific - South Asia said, “TLC is India’s definitive lifestyle destination that brings new formats and world famous hosts to television homes. Bob Blumer is an energetic and engaging host, whose culinary talent is matched only by his extreme zest for life. We are delighted to bring back Glutton for Punishment after the excellent response we have received from previous seasons of the show”

You just can’t keep a good glutton down. TLC’s fearless chef with a huge appetite for punishment Bob Blumer returns and pushes his boundaries further to match his passion for food with his undying lust for adventure in GLUTTON FOR PUNISHMENT 5.

Episode Highlights

Episode 1 :Donnie Rush set a Guinness World Record for Most 12-inch Pizzas stretched, sauced, cheesed and fired in one hour by making 142. That is one pizza every 25 seconds. To aid in his quest, Bob assembles a dream team of Toronto pizza maestros. But when it comes time to go for the record in front of a live audience at Toronto‘s Corso Italia Festival, he is all on his own. Will Bob succeed or will he be stretched to the max?

Episode2 :In the bustling streets of Taipei, the challenge is to pick up more than 78 single grains of rice with a pair of chopsticks in less than three minutes. To separate the rice grains from the plant, traditional farmers use a foot powered rice huller.

Episode 3: The challenge is to make the world’s biggest tastiest bowl of salsa right here at the Jacksonville Tomato Festival. To make 2000 Lbs, a thousand kilograms of salsa, it will require Bob to be the baddest onion peeler on the block and then further attempt to peel 50 pounds of raw, eye burning onions faster than anyone has done before in Walla Walla, Washington.

Episode 4 :Next comes cracking 500 eggs in an hour with just one hand right here in Granby, Quebec at their giant omelet festival. In Granby, Quebec they love their eggs so much that every year they get together and fry up a 15,000-egg omelet. The pan is so huge that they cut down telephone poles to make the egg flippers.

Episode 5 :Bob has been making Caesar salad for over 30 years, but his salads are built for comfort, not for speed. Can he establish a new Guinness World Record by making more than 100 table-side Caesars in only one hour? To increase his speed, Bob deconstructs the classic Caesar and explores various salad-making techniques.. Will he succeed in making 100 salads or will he be tossed from the record books?

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