Bluebytes launches new media monitoring tool ProPR

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Mumbai: Blue Bytes News Pvt. Ltd. (bluebytes), the country’s leading media monitoring and analysis agency launched its latest media monitoring tool ProPR in the city today. ProPR, an integrated technology platform, is designed to make news management faster, easier and more effective. ProPR becomes an effective tool for Public Relations and Corporate Communications professionals by providing news based insights and analysis, allowing better control and management of corporate news.

Speaking on the launch, Piyush Jain, Business Head, bluebytes said, “Media is an amplifier of an organization’s actions, and in the fast changing world of today it is imperative for the management analyze news to control it better. We have created ProPR in response to the PR and Corporate Communication industry’s needs - it is easy, functional and aesthetic.”

Identifying the current challenges in the communications industry, Yatin Padia, Corporate Communications Manager, CARE Ratings said, “During my time in a PR agency we used to spend about 25% of our time in collating and analyzing media clippings for our clients. bluebytes has always been an innovator in giving the communications industry innovative and useful solutions. ProPR alters the playing field by empowering the user and being completely flexible to our needs. It will set a new benchmark in media monitoring and analysis.”

Jain added, “Some studies show that communication professionals spend the majority of their time preparing media reports, gathering media intelligence, and analyzing news. The enormous time drainage prohibits them from giving time to image consultancy, decimating opportunities in the process. ProPR is a bold attempt at making sense of this media chaos and in doing so; it acts as a safety filter, funneling meaningful and relevant information to communications professionals.”

ProPR allows analyzing news’ key messages, branding and tonality, and also allows automated and customized reports at the proverbial click-of-a-button. Being a technology enabled platform ProPR gives seamless access to all the services from a single window. Apart from this, it also empowers the user by allowing them to qualify their news according to their own needs, giving them an accurate monitoring format.

ProPR’s services comprise of Rooster - a daily email news update service, ProSearch - a web based news search, research and with news filter, ProAnalytics- web based automated real time analysis, with qualitative analysis, ProCompare - web based automated real time share of voice analysis and ProReport - web based automated real time reports which include qualitative AVE.

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