Bloomberg targets Mobile Business News Consumers in Europe

Bloomberg has announced the launch of Bloomberg Business Europe, the company’s first regional expression of its flagship digital destination – Bloomberg Business. The new European edition is the first tangible output of a commitment to increase the customisation of Bloomberg products for distinct international markets to reach today’s global, mobile business news consumer.

Bloomberg Business Europe – the product of 12 months of investment in talent and technology – will deliver more localised, relevant content, advertising products, live events and licensing deals. Developed under the company’s first Managing Director for its consumer media business in Europe, the Middle East and Africa Adam Freeman, Bloomberg Business Europe offers a unique and innovative approach to business journalism.

Justin B. Smith, CEO Bloomberg Media said: “We are building a portfolio of new digital assets that align our content with the interests and behaviours of today’s international business leaders. The European edition of Bloomberg Business is another step in our ongoing strategy to customise Bloomberg’s high-quality digital content for influential business leaders globally.”

Freeman adds: “Bloomberg is a world-class organisation, sitting in a unique position of opportunity. Bloomberg Business Europe is comprehensive in its range of subject matter, moving beyond our traditional financial heartland into a range of broad subjects, curated by local teams with an entirely regional focus, reflected across all our platforms. This will not only appeal to a more general business audience but also enable us to work with new and existing commercial partners on the localised targeting capabilities this new edition offers.”

Under the editorial leadership of senior editor Nate Lanxon who joined the team from in January this year, the European edition will dedicate expertise to themes of global significance but appealing particularly to European readers.

Lanxon’s Europe-based digital editorial team of veteran journalists from some of the world’s most prestigious news organisations, including the BBC and Sky News, will unify Bloomberg’s most powerful existing media assets – including Bloomberg News, Bloomberg Businessweek, Bloomberg Television and original digital video – in a highly-curated experience leveraging the most modern forms of storytelling emerging in digital media.

“It’s not just about great journalism, but also the peerless wealth of data Bloomberg provides in addition to its pool of global media resources that allow us to take readers through a story in ways that no other news organisation can. Our integrated approach enables us to leverage the work of Bloomberg’s unrivalled global team of 2,500 business journalists and analysts in more than 70 countries. The result is a unique and innovative approach to modern business journalism; pan-European at heart and truly cross-platform in nature,” says Lanxon.


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