The Times of India Launches Kannada Daily

The Times  of India Group has launched its new Kannada daily. It has been named ‘The Times of India Kannada’ and is priced at Rs 1.50. It was launched a few days ago with an initial print run of 70,000 and hopes to settle at about 50,000 copies soon. It is being positioned as a ‘premium language product’.

The group had acquired the Bangalore publishing house, Vijayanand Printers, in mid-2006. The group’s stable now has two Kannada dailies, ‘The Times of India Kannada’ and ‘Vijay Karnataka’. The other Kannada daily from VPL – ‘Usha Kiran’ – was discontinued a few months ago and its staff has been deployed in the new daily.

The daily will cater to SEC B and C and will be local yet global in its approach, with an emphasis on local news. “The daily is aimed at bridging the gap in the readers’ perspectives with respect to local and national or international news, providing a larger outlook,” explains Rahul Kansal, brand director, Times Group.

A mass marketing communication campaign has been rolled out in the city celebrating the spirit of the Kannadigas. “The campaign revolves around Kannadiga culture, lifestyle, festivals and people,” says Kansal.

This has been done keeping in mind recent happenings in Bangalore. According to Kansal, events such as the recent riots and the death of superstar Raj Kumar have led to a feeling of resentment in the Kannada community. “The daily, instead of playing to their angst like the others, will play to their progress,” he adds.

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