Big FM owns 12 % Delhi Market Share

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BIG FM is Delhi’s second most popular FM station after Radio Mirchi .As per the latest RAM data (week ending 9th Feb ‘08), BIG 92.7 FM has reached No. 2 position in terms of Target Audience Rating Point and Market Share, reaching second position in the highly competitive market of Delhi.

“We are extremely happy with the response we have been getting from our listeners, especially with the Valentines Day spike which proved to be a huge hit! BIG 92.7 FM through its innovative 100 Chartbuster format has been able to rise steadily in Delhi - the highly cluttered and competitive market. The very fact that our Station is a true reflection of the vibe of the city ensures high levels of relevance to the local populace, in addition to being a platform for self expression. All this coupled with our wholesome programming mix and innovative offerings have further enhanced our RAM performance. Listeners can look forward to much more novelty and action on BIG 92.7 FM, Delhi’s 100 Chartbuster Station. ” Punit Mathur, Station Director, BIG 92.7 FM - Delhi, said.

A Rs. 400 crore investment in Transmission Equipment, Infrastructure and licensing, a plan for a 1000-strong national workforce - all geared towards an ultimate count of 45 stations in the nation’s biggest private FM Radio Station Network that is poised to reach 200 million Indians through a pan-India presence across 45 cities, 1000 towns and 50,000 villages. That’s BIG 92.7 FM, an Adlabs Films Initiative, which is perhaps the only private FM Radio network that provides an extremely strong and effective platform for both, large corporates as well as local retailers that need an effective national platform.

What adds to BIG 92.7 FM’s complete effectiveness is that its programming is geared towards the aspiration-ally conscious and active masses whose daily life is a quest to better their lives and lifestyles. With its mission of impacting its listeners’ lives positively, and applauding the work and achievements of local heroes through its continuous initiatives, BIG 92.7 FM is making a strong personal connect with millions every day! Adding to the overall impact are the Network’s Brand Ambassadors - Superstars Abhishek Bachchan for the Hindi belt, Asin for the Telegu and Tamil markets, and Upendra for the Kannada market.

Today, BIG 92.7 FM stations are an integral part of the lives of millions of listeners across several cities that include major metros like Mumbai, Delhi, Hyderabad, Chennai, Kolkata and Bangalore, and several Tier II towns across the country. The count is set to rise to a total of 45 cities that will eventually include 20 cities in the North, 7 cities in the East, 9 cities in the West and 9 cities in the South.








RADIO CITY 0.7 10.2
RED 07 10.1
FEVER 07 10.1

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