Big FM Maruti Suzuki embark on ‘The WagonR Smart Hunt’

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BIG 92.7 FM & Maruti Suzuki - both leaders in their respective industries have come up with an exciting, nationwide hunt - looking for smart individuals and providing them an opportunity to win a Brand new WagonR Duo along with loads of prizes like DVD players and I-pods .

This month-long National activity promotion titled - WagonR Smart Challenge has been launched in 16 cities across the country, independently in East, West, North and South zones. The activity will follow an interesting format judging the contestants for nothing else but their smartness. The activity revolves around themes like Smart Shopping, Smart Saving, Smart Parenting, Smart Grooming and of course - Smart Driving.

Conceptualization and planning of this grand event goes to the credit of BIG FM & Hakuhodo Percept (Maruti Suzuki’s Creative Agency). Individuals can participate in the contest both on and off-air - by solving intriguing riddles and outwitting others with their smart impromptu speeches. In addition to getting into the contest on-air, people will get a chance to do a wild-card entry by test-driving a WagonR Duo. Event is being held in Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad, Trivandrum, Delhi, Chandigarh, Kanpur, Jalandhar, Kolkata, Indore, Guwahati, Bhubaneshwar, Surat, Mumbai, Vadodara and Goa (covering almost all the key cities in India). The final rounds, scheduled for 28 September in Bangalore and 18 October in Delhi, Mumbai, and Kolkata; will see one finalist from each zone, driving away a Brand new WagonR Duo.

Loads of gifts involved - Prizes worth millions of rupees, in addition to the 4 Wagon R Duos - one for each zone, there are 32 DVD players, 64 Ipods, 60 pen drives and several other goodies like t-shirts, caps etc. for the contestants to win.

Speaking on the launch of the activity, Anand Chakravarthy, Vice President, Marketing - BIG 92.7 FM, said “Increasingly, radio is being seen as part of the 360 degree effort to engage the consumer through a mix of radio interactivity, activation and BTL promotions forming a very comprehensive and accountable option to the typical use of mass media. The listener today is more evolved and highly sensitized to the medium. This makes it very important for any brand to engage him proactively in a manner which he can relate to, through value-added initiatives which are ‘meaningfully relevant’ to him. Through this activity, we are doing just that. Most of the campaigns that we have done in the past have borne fruitful results and we hope, this activity will surpass all that we have achieved so far”.

Vaibhav Gupta - Asst. GM (Marketing Head), Maruti Suzuki commented “Wagon R Duo that was launched two years ago, has been very well received by consumers owing to its better fuel efficiency and the option of switching between LPG and petrol. The brand truly identifies with it’s proposition of ‘for the smarter generation’ and that’s what we wanted to promote through this activity. But of course we want to promote it further, Since the brand identifies well with youth. We wanted to explore ‘smarter’ mediums of communicating the benefits; We realize that radio has emerged from a supportive medium to a preferred medium to reach out to the masses. It is a habit forming medium which creates a deep personal connect with the listeners. Hence, with the support of BIG FM, we aim to indulge in communications by winning attention and involvement of prospective buyers, bring the spirit of the brand to life in a distinctive way, genuinely motivate consumers, and ultimately lead them to buy.’

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