Big FM launches radio classified ads

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Kolkata : 92.7 FM, the radio arm of Reliance Media World Ltd., in yet another innovation to grow the category and lead newer potential advertisers to radio, announces the launch of BIG Impact - Classified Ads on Radio. BIG Impact will introduce first-time radio advertisers to a ‘virtual’ radio classified section, allowing them to communicate concise advertising messages to their target audience, through a cost-effective format. Clearly differentiated from the regular advertising, these advertisements will be crisp 10 seconders, with clear message given out on a bed of music and will be aired between 12noon - 6pm.

To ensure they are reaching out to the appropriate advertiser, BIG IMPACT has entered into strategic alliances with local ‘classified print depots’, which already have a well connected and deeply penetrated local SME client base and work as a quasi-advertising agency to them.

The format is simple, the local classified print depots recommends radio benefits to their classified advertiser clientele and brings them on board the aural advertising experience. They will thus work in a format similar to that of a DSA Network which has proven itself as an excellent sales format across several industries. Once the Client chooses to use the very effective radio medium, 92.7 BIG FM’s creative team meets with the Client to understand the key communication, analyzes the data, produces a voice-over radio advertisement, seeks client approval and then schedules it on air, thus becoming the one stop shop for all radio advertising requirements.

The 12noon - 6pm slot works excellently for both businesses, given that radio can offer the best rates for 10 second advertisements during this time and the advertiser can reach out to optimal audiences given that their Target Group, largely known to be housewives and youth, dominate this time slot.

Considering this is a new revenue earning model involving a new set of clientele, BIG Impact will ensure that adequate training and guidance is provided to the classified print depot owners so that they can ensure the optimal returns while guiding clients appropriately.

Commenting on the launch of BIG IMPACT, Praveen Malhotra, Sr. Vice President - Sales, Reliance Media World Ltd. said, “Through BIG Impact, we offer the benefits of radio to SME’s and retailers who are looking for cost effective media options to reach out to their audiences while closely monitoring ROI, but lack expertise. Through this initiative, we are bringing in a huge advertiser community who can use this format effectively to their business advantage, while opening a new source of revenue for radio. World-over this format of advertising is milked excellently by radio, and in India, we are confident that this business format will work to our advantage.”

Speaking further on the benefits BIG Impact’s local partner Mr. Avinash Mishra, Unique Publicity added “The trends in media are fast changing and in this the share of radio will only increase. Today’s clients need 360 degrees solutions, which deliver results. BIG Impact is a sharp product that caters to this need. We are delighted to be a BIG Impact partner with a radio network & a group that has a vision in developing solutions that are needed and giving practical support to partners like us.”

With this new format of radio advertising, 92.7 BIG FM initiates yet another initiative to expand the radio market, as it rakes in the moolah from a largely untapped prospective business option, one which promises to add to its top line.

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