BIG 92.7 FM Mumbai announces new show ‘Mangal Murthy Morya’

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BIG 92.7 FM has announced that it will broadcast live from Mumbai’s Siddhivinayak Temple every Tuesday morning .The show, called ‘Mangal Murthy Morya’ airs every Tuesday morning between 1 and 6am, capturing the true devotional spirit of Lord Ganesha’s devotees in Mumbai.

Tuesday mornings in Mumbai, see millions of devotees walking towards their favourite shrine in the city ‘Shri Siddhivinayak temple’ with a million more at home wanting to visit the temple but are unable to do so. Hosted by RJ Ketan, the show offers a mix of devotional music and content which meets the requirements of those who cannot make it to the temple.

The show covers Ganpati Bhajans and Artis while capturing the mood at the temple as they interact with devotees making a bee-line to the temple.

Commenting on this local connect initiative taken up by the Radio Station Neerja Dhillon, Station Director, Big 92.7 FM, Mumbai said, “In keeping with the serene mood of Mumbai on early Tuesday mornings, when the city is in a harmonious devotional mood, BIG 92.7 FM, with its show ‘’Mangal Murthy Morya’ provides Mumbai with the appropriate situational music and content. Mapping the mood of millions of Mumbaikars each Tuesday morning, BIG 92.7 FM’s RJ Ketan positively impacts the listeners’ lives as he helps Mumbai get closer to their favorite God through the unique treatment to the show.”

Mumbaikars believe Tuesdays to be the most auspicious day to visit the Lord Ganesha. Ensuring local connect, the RJ hosts links from the various roads leading to the temple where devotees wait in serpentine and tiresome queues to be face to face with their favorite God. These devotees can hop into the BIG FM Bus to be dropped to the nearest stations while also snacking on refreshments and biscuits after a long wait in queues. This activity is aimed at touching devotees on a one on one basis, whether meeting them personally and taking interesting bytes on air while giving them a first hand experience of radio or giving them the experience of being at the temple, while in their very home.

The on air offerings ensures the station’s music positioning of ‘Jaisa Mood, Waisaich music’ is met, playing extremely soulful and soothing Siddhivinayak and Ganpati Artis and Bhajans.. It also helps in drawing interesting content for the station from across communities of Mumbai visiting the temple.

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