BIG 92.7 FM brings Romance of Monsoon

July 20, 2021 10:01 pm0 commentsViews: 1

BIG 92.7 FM, India’s No. 1 Radio station has announced “Chorui Bhati”, a novel concept of Picnic in different paras on rain soaked monsoon afternoons with the listeners of Kolkata. BIG 92.7 FM has undertaken this unique effort to recreate those nostalgic rain kissed afternoons of Bengal with Illish Bhaja and Khichuri. BIG RJ Koushik will participate in these Monsoon Picnics at paras across Kolkata.

BIG 92.7 FM will also deliver a big Hilsa Fish (Ilish Maach) at the doorstep of lucky listeners in Kolkata everyday. Anyone can win the BIG CHUMUK contest either by sending the best message or the best joke or by voicing the best opinion. - between 7-10am on BIG 92.7 FM. Listeners have to type in the keyword BIG and send a SMS to 5454 to participate in the BIG CHUMUK contest.

BIG Koushik, the popular RJ of BIG 92.7 FM will deliver the Ilish Maach at the doorstep of one lucky BIG CHUMUK listener every week on Saturday morning. Koushik will also take part in the Monsoon Picnics at selected localities and enjoy the Choruibhati with Ilish maach bhaja and Khichuri.

“Khichuri and Ilish Maach are synonymous with rainy days in Bengal, especially in monsoon season. Gone are the days when Bengalis used to enjoy those lazy afternoons with their favourite food. The euphoric days of the Monsoon picnics have slowly faded away from our memories. So, BIG 92.7 FM has taken an initiative to bring back the flavour of monsoon in the lives of Kolkatans in right spirit with Monsoon picnics in different localities. We have taken this initiative with an aim to relive those nostalgic childhood days” Bodhayan Roychoudhury, Station Head, BIG 92.7 FM said.

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