Big 92.7 FM announces Kollywood Industry Awards

BIG 92.7 FM, Chennai, announces Kollywoods first popular Music Awards, which, true to the Stations promise to play music that is a reflection of your mood, is christened The ‘Mooduketha Mix’ Music Awards. The Station has played an instrumental role in making music an important part of the lives of the local populace and it is only appropriate that the people behind the music be recognized for their contribution to the very rich Tamil Music industry.

In keeping with the vibe of the elections, the format of these awards is also based on the simple format of voting and is a 100% listener’s choice award, where they can vote for their favorite music. Beginning on April 22nd, the final awards will be given on air on May 1, 2009.

Speaking on the occasion, P. B Ramaswamy, Cluster Director, BIG 92.7 FM - Tamil Nadu, said, “Music, even though such a critical form of entertainment in India, whether through Kollywood films or through stand alone albums, do not get recognized in forums other than for common ones. As a medium of entertainment whose offering is largely music we decided to recognize this industry, while empowering the local populace in selecting the best of the best! Our aim is to recognize artists who have successfully offered us excellent music that keeps us entertained.”

The entire music award is divided into five different categories based on the five different shows during weekdays. Each show will promote one award category, thus allowing the listener to select the best song during that particular show.

The on air celebrations promise a whole lot of excitement which will include RJ’s and celebrity reactions to the nominations, celebrities campaigning for votes, students of the nominees coming on air to campaign for their gurus and much more. Each week will see new categories being unveiled and offered to listeners for voting. Interesting trivia on the song will be shared with listeners which will ensure highest levels of entertainment.

On ground will see much excitement and hoopla too with the BIG OB bus going across the city, working as mobile voting booths, collecting votes for the favorite songs.

Speaking about the Mooduketha mix awards Lyricist Mr. PA Vijay said “I am very happy that BIG 92.7 FM has come up with the first ever music awards on Radio and I am sure that the entire Kollywood Industry will be interested in associating itself with such an interesting award on Radio. BIG 92.7 FM has been playing the best songs to cater to its listeners moods and this award is an example of how a radio station can involve listeners in their programming content. “

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