‘Better be safe than sorry’ professes Goibibo in new TVC

March 20, 2022 2:49 pm1 commentViews: 50

goibibo_tv_campaignNew Delhi: Goibibo.com  has rolled out its new TVC to score on the Trust factor when it comes to their customers. After trouncing hundreds of travelling sites, the new ad reinforces the reliability of their services using the tagline ‘Go with trust’. It candidly talks about the betrayal of the innumerable travel solution providers and depicts the never ending number of infidelities faced by the consumers in terms of travel.

Conceptualized by ISTA Brand Innovations Limited, the ad very well represents the idea- “When you go with Goibibo.com, you go with trust.”

Based on interactions, surveys and online customer feedback, it was discovered that a trusted transaction is the prime concern of every online customer as when it comes to travel bookings, the expense incurred is relatively higher than other e commerce buys. Goibibo.com has already established its reputation as the fastest travel site with the best deals and lowest rates through their previous ads. The new ad is aimed at focusing on the various services that consumers expect and are not met or have been cast off. The knife in the back is a powerful way to portray the “lack of trust”. Each knife stands for the service that was not rendered.

Sanjay Bhasin, Goibibo.com stated, “We significantly wanted to stress on the trust of the consumers being hurt and that when you travel with Goibibo.com you go with trust. I think it was fabulously delivered by the creative.  The Ad looks real and is apt in terms of the messaging we were trying to get across to the viewers.”

The Ad clearly illustrates the invitation to log on to Goibibo.com, rated as the third most trusted online brand in e commerce, to enjoy a hassle free and credible experience for every service it claims to provide.


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  • Though the idea of warning customers is good but the stabbing knife looks awkward. Why knife and hospitals.. Could have been creative also.

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