Berger Paints launch new TVC to reposition WeatherCoat All Guard brand

January 16, 2022 2:11 pm0 commentsViews: 109

Berger Paints is launching a new TVC to promote WeatherCoat All Guard exterior paints on January 17.

WeatherCoat Film :Final Brief

WeatherCoat all along has been positioned on rational platform of Truly Durable Exterior Paint.However with the evolution of the category it has become more of a generic advertisement and have been failing to satisfy any  particular critical need of the consumers.

Few formal researches have indicated that all across the country Water/Rain  is considered to be the singular biggest threat to the well being of the house.The perception has arisen out of the collateral damages like dampness,seepage, swelling ,fungus and algae formation  that Water creates.

Thus a decision has been taken to reposition WeatherCoat All Guard as essentially a rain/water guard paint which has inherent ability to repel water.It thereby  prevents the building from dampness , paint film swelling/flaking and fungus/ algae attacks.A Product has been developed, tested and approved accordingly.

What do the agency need the communications to do?

Define the problem of dampness,seepage,fungus etc and position WeatherCoat All Guard as the perfect guard/solution against the same.The tag line “Truly Durable……..” stays.

Who they are targeting ?

Sec A1: Male 30- 50 years house owners in Metros and Mini Metros.House owners can either own independent house set or a flat in a gated community.The latter TG has been brought in as they are part of the “purchase committee” of a society  who decide on  the Exterior  Paint Brand in consultation with the Contractors.(applicable for Mumbai,Gugaon and Bangalore esp)

How will they  reach them?

We will be taking the active route of Brand Propagation and Brand Activation.

Brand Propagation will be done thru Electronic Media (national and regional) reinforced at the ground level by Outdoors. We will also be actively looking at “neo conventional” medium like radio and “non conventional “ medium like Internet..(Shall welcome a suitable jingle/musical tone that can be used as a caller tone in mobiles).

Brand Activation would be done at various touchpoints in critical markets.It includes product demonstrations and consumer allurements .Might explore the option of  one off Regional level Brand Ambassador for Kerala and Bengal to catapault  sales.

Hence a  360’ thematic campaign can be developed suitably

Why is this Competitive,relevant and true?

A Water Repellant property in paint gets manifested with  addition of  silicon based additive which repels water inherently.The water repellance per se is manifested in terms of beads (ideal case scenario) or a  water sieve that flows down.The bead formation is technically called “Lotus Leaf effect”

The most conspicuous advantage of Water Repellance/Water Guard property is that it prevents dampness ,seepage and formation of micro-organism. The paint thus stays fresh and looks new for a longer period of time.

It does not aid or unaid in color steadfastness(anti-fading)  as that is more a function of organic nature of colrant/tinter used.

The 30 seconder  film should be based on two key emotions which are fear and protection.Unlike previous films made on rational platform,this   should have a tangible emotional pay off.The mnemonic of Lotus Leaf effect should be visible appropriately.

It should be a single pan Indian Film.However to impart a  Kerala centric  flavour we can explore the  option of roping in a  Pan India wise acceptable yet a distinct Malayalee protagonist.Ten second edits should focus on Lotus Leaf effect mnemonic.


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