BBC World Service launches BBC Indonesia and BBC Hausa mobile sites

January 30, 2022 5:39 pm0 commentsViews: 30

BBC World Service has announced the launch of new mobile sites for BBC Indonesia and BBC Hausa in Responsive Design – a technology which tests mobile users’ screen sizes and ensures they download the most optimised version for their device.

With the launch of these two “responsive” sites, all mobile users who visit the BBC Indonesia and BBC Hausa mobile sites automatically will be routed to the mobile optimised versions, thus getting the best possible user experience their device can deliver.

James Montgomery, Controller of Digital and Technology, BBC Global News, says: “These are milestones in the digital development of BBC World Service. This technology - already adopted on the BBC’s international news website, - unlocks our ability to deliver the very best mobile user-experience. It is particularly well suited for BBC World Service, whose audiences use a huge variety of handset types to access our content, from newest editions of smartphones to low-tech ‘feature’ phones.”

The BBC is at the forefront of the move into Responsive Design in the Asian and African mobile news markets. In February, BBC World Service is planning to launch this technology for its Russian-language news website,


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