BBC podcast gives snapshot of Black British life

Unique sounds of Black Britain, in a snapshot of life from different regions, are now available to download as a podcast from the BBC.
The 20-minute BBC UK Black podcast will feature excerpts from the 45-hours of African and Caribbean programming broadcast weekly on BBC Local Radio.

And its editor believes listeners will be surprised by the different regional perspectives, garnered from 14 BBC Local Radio stations from Merseyside to Suffolk.

“It’s smart, black, talk radio and it moves the focus on from the urban youth agenda,” says Elonka Soros, the podcast editor. “What’s most surprised and fascinated those who’ve heard the trials is the differing regional perspectives, and the warmth and wisdom of some of our more mature broadcasters.”

Covering a range of diverse content from speech-based and community-focused to music, entertainment and faith-based programming, the podcast will be updated every Monday afternoon with the pick of the week’s broadcasting.

“You don’t hear many older black voices on the radio and television,” says Herdle White, whose reggae, Caribbean and African-Caribbean music show on BBC Radio Leicester has been running for almost 40 years.

“But we’ve got experiences to share and wisdom to pass on. The BBC UK Black podcast will mean more people get to hear about who’s who, and what’s happening, and not just in London.”

“Great new talent is emerging from places like Birmingham, Liverpool and Manchester,” adds Karen Gabay, whose show, The People, on BBC Radio Manchester, features celebrity interviews as well as local African-Caribbean news, music and entertainment.

“Our programmes offer a platform for African and Caribbean achievers and future leaders and now BBC UK Black will bring a sample of that to a wider audience.”

The podcast will feature a mix of items chosen to represent the diversity of issues and events that have had Black Britons talking during the previous week.

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