Baidu set to grab one-third digital ad revenues

baiduBased on eMarketer’s December 2014 estimates of ad revenues at major publishers around the world, Baidu took in 4.68% of worldwide digital ad revenues last year,reports

That was up from 3.74 percent of the market in 2013—and the second-highest gain of any company except Facebook.

That gain in share translated to revenue growth of 51.0% in 2014—faster than 2013’s 38.3% rate and the fifth-fastest revenue growth in the worldwide digital ad market.

Baidu’s mobile internet ad revenues more than quadrupled in 2014, to $2.06 billion, or 5.1% of the mobile internet ad market, according to our estimates. In 2013, the company took in $500 million in mobile internet ad revenues.

Within China, where Baidu is based, the firm accounted for 28.9% of all digital ad revenues last year and will grab 32.2% this year, with its share expected to rise to 34.6% by 2016. eMarketer expects revenues from Baidu’s core search business and expanding mobile services to drive growth in coming years.

Search spending is on a strong growth trajectory in China, according to eMarketer estimates. The overall digital search ad market in the country will rise from $10.05 billion in 2014 to $16.95 billion in 2018. Search engines were the fifth most popular website category among internet users in China, according to May 2014 research from Miaozhen Systems, and 19% of those polled said using search engines was one of their leading digital activities.



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