Azim Premji Releases Jalebi Management

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Azim Premji, Chairman, Wipro Corporation on Monday released international business strategy consultant Shombit Sengupta’s Jalebi Management in Bangalore.

Written from the consumer’s perspective, this management book and social commentary can connect to readers across the world, both in and out of business. Response, the business books arm of Sage publications has published the book.

Releasing Jalebi Management, Mr Azim Premji, Chairman, Wipro Corporation, said, “Using Jalebi as a metaphor Shombit takes us through social, cultural & historical perspectives. He has a gripping story to tell.”

Culling 30 years of his experience in top management consulting with hundreds of corporations across the world, Shombit equates the complexity of business management to the fascinating, asymmetrical jalebi sweetmeat. He associates the several swirls of a jalebi that touch one another to the seamless interconnections that organizational processes and functions must have to make their deliverables appetizing.

“Jalebi Management is for readers who value unconventional, radical thinking that makes business sense in a changing society,” said Dr S Raghunath, Professor of Corporate Strategy & Policy, Indian Institute of Management, Bangalore. “The book is replete with anecdotes, reflections and analytical tools to connect with customers and consumers in the domestic market for foreign companies and in the international market for Indian companies. Shombit convincingly proposes a methodology for heightening customer sensitivity that creates alignment between all stakeholders in creating products and services of aspirational value.”

How can the jalebi, which represents the sweet desire of a billion plus people of India and a few developing countries, weave global business? When sophisticated developed countries are zeroing in on India and China for markets, manufacturing and backend support for product and service development, Jalebi Management shows how to handle tomorrow’s overly competitive business world, and how to win markets with inventive power.

“Consumers across the world say they don’t understand business jargon. Through Jalebi Management, I hope to describe the different concepts practiced in corporate management in language that every one of us outside the world of business would understand. Reading about business in the consumer’s words may help us management professionals.” Sengupta said.

“Jalebi Management by Shombit Sengupta is an important landmark focusing on the need for businesses going global to innovate and adapt to local social issues,” said Sugata Ghosh, Vice President Commissioning, Sage India. “Be it the discerning scholar or the casual reader, the socially aware global manager or the socially unaware ‘wannabe,’ this book is for all of them and more. Sage is excited with this partnership and remains committed to being the natural home for authors, editors and societies.”

Flavored with anecdotes and Shombit’s original business processes applied successfully in different organizations worldwide, Jalebi Management shows how global organizations have successfully enhanced their businesses applying his business processes. Among these management techniques devised by Shombit is Emotional Surplus strategy and implementation which has brought quantum growth to several of his client corporations such as Danone, Unilever, Nivea, Remy Martin, Total Petroleum, Groupama Insurance, P&G, Delta, Carrefour, Wipro, Jubilant Organosys and Britannia among several others. This was delivered through Shining Emotional Surplus, the company he formed in Paris in 1984.

The book alerts emerging countries on how to step into an innovative activity frame. Author Shombit Sengupta, a French national since he left India in 1973 with just $8 on him, authoritatively details the pain and power European business society went through to converge on innovation. With scientific analysis of the elevated emotion, he brings a precision on the fundamental base that blends the rational, functional and emotional spirit in business as in life.

Keeping the consumer’s aspiration in mind, Jalebi Management blends the ocean of humanity with industry. The 450-page book also captures glimpses of Shombit Sengupta’s own courageous and inspirational journey from the simplicity of an Indian refugee colony to the rarefied world of global business. The author invites the CEO, and all his/her employees, consumers and shareholders to enjoy a bite of Jalebi Management.

Shombit Sengupta is an international business strategy consultant whose domain specialization includes corporate transformation, branding, product design and retail addiction. He created the Emotional Surplus business strategy and implementation, which brings sustainable topline and bottomline growth for organizations in business.

A French national today, Shombit started life in a divided Bengal refugee colony outside Kolkata. In 1973, at the age of 19, he left for Paris with US$8 in his pocket. His education at the Government College of Art & Craft, Kolkata and at the Ecole Nationale Superieure des Beaux-Arts and Ecole Superior d’Arts Graphiques Penninghen in Paris, was left incomplete due to paucity of funds and insufficient time away from livelihood work. His meteoric rise from a sweeper to a designer and management strategy consultant gives him a deep understanding of human nature. From this insight he has mastered the unique art of understanding the subconscious mind which he has then translated into the fine art of business. This, in turn, has paved the way for profitability and sustainable growth for several global organizations.

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