Anushka Sharma to endorse Unicharm's Sofy brand

July 24, 2021 8:59 pm0 commentsViews: 10
New Delhi: Japan’s leading FMCG giant Unicharm has announced the vivacious Bollywood actor Anushka Sharma as their new brand ambassador for the unique sanitary napkin brand ‘SOFY’, the No. 1 Sanitary Napkin brand of Japan.

By roping in Anushka Sharma, well known for her spunky and spirited roles in Bollywood blockbusters like ‘Band Baaja Baraat’ and ‘Ladies V/S Ricky Behl’, Unicharm intends to create a direct connect with the new age women. With an exclusive market for its SOFY brand, Unicharm aims to create an era where Indian women can take ‘Pride in being a Woman’ by leading a more active and confident lifestyle even during menstruation. It is through the new campaign that SOFY Side Walls aims to highlight the unique feature of Flexible ‘Side Walls’ which prevent side leakage and staining along with the comfort of Long Lasting Absorbency, thus, creating a sense of confidence in the go-getter woman of today.

On her association with SOFY, Anushka said, “I am very excited to be associated with SOFY, and am keen to create a new era where all Indian women will take pride in being a woman. I am very sure that Japan’s No. 1 sanitary napkin brand will become India’s No. 1 too.”

On the latest TVC for SOFY, she exclaims, “SOFY’s TVC is different. In the TVC, I am mostly like myself - outspoken, confident girl who has a mind of her own. I believe the best way to convey SOFY’s message to all young girls is when I can be myself and directly talk to my audience. And I spell things out clearly. After all, it’s high time we stopped hush-hushing about periods and opened a mature conversation about it.

Through this TVC, I wish to convey to every girl out there that she should no longer be worried about staining and can move about confidently during periods. Also through this association, I would like to introduce to them a product which is revolutionary in its own way and brings to the consumer an extension of comfort that helps them lead an active life.”

Anushka goes on to add, “Yes, I’m an actor, but that doesn’t mean I don’t do stuff that every woman does. I hang out with my friends, go watch movies, and party. And I don’t let anything stop me from doing that. No woman should.

Being a woman is about being free, independent and confident. I’m proud to be that woman.”

Yukihiro Kimura, MD of Unicharm India said, “We are privileged to have Anushka Sharma as the new brand ambassador of SOFY, as she truly exudes the confidence of the brand. Roping in Anushka Sharma was a strategic decision as the company wanted a youth icon to represent the brand and also talk freely about the unique feature of SOFY Side Walls. Being the quintessential girl-next-door, the engagement of Anushka Sharma will work well for the brand, which intends to engage itself with the everyday girl.”

Experts opine that Anushka Sharma will add value to the brand and will connect well with the target group in order to meet the company’s expectations.

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