Anti-superstition programme to promote Star Jalsha show!

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New Delhi: What began as the launch activity for a mega serial has turned into a huge mass movement with a deep underlying social message. Star Jalsha in yet another unique endeavor to make a meaningful difference in popular entertainment launched ‘Bidhir Bidhan’ - a show that speaks against the evils of blind faith and superstition.

Taking forward the “Cholo Paltai” initiative Star Jalsa reaches out to the masses spreading the message of anti-superstition. This show with its realistic characters and honest story telling reflects the changing times and brings home a very strong social message against superstition.

In the mega launch event of ‘Bidhir Bidhan’, Star Jalsha in collaboration with the “Pashchim Banga Bigyan Mancha” showcased some instances of quack practices that often mislead people into believing the supernatural powers of some men thus turning them into demi-gods. Scientists along with the cast and crew of Bidhir Bidhan spoke about the importance of such a project. It is crucial that the perils of such superstitions be reflected in the popular television entertainment so it reaches out to the homes of millions of TV viewers.

The core content Bidhir Bidhan endeavors to portray the futility of believing in unscientific prejudices and superstitions. The show tries to unveil the acts of unscrupulous people who befool commoners in the name of religion taking advantage of their dire mental condition through acts of deceit.

Hence Bidhir Bidhan associated itself with Paschim Banga Vigyan Mancha (West Bengal Science Forum), an autonomous body propagating the involvement of science in our day to day life, to educate the commoners against superstition and unscientific ideas.

Paschim Banga Vigyan Mancha which was formed in the year 1986, is at present one of the largest People Science Movement organisations of India. For over 25 years the organisation has been working on programmes like ‘Anti-superstition Movement’ to educate the commoners against superstition and unscientific ideas.

The platform of Vigyan Mancha’s Anti Superstition Programme has been used to promote ‘Bidhir Bidhan’ across localities and marketplaces. 70 locations in Kolkata and 9 districts of Bengal have been identified to conduct the roadshows and directly reach out to the TG with the show message. Daily shows of 2-3 hours duration are being performed in multiple localities to spread the message of awareness.

Bidhir Bidhan, a production of Grassroots Productions, owned by renowned Bengali actor Jeet, debuts in Star Jalsha from November 2012. Directed by Rupak De, the cast includes, Anjana Basu, Tumpa Ghosh, Gaurav and others. Bidhir Bidhan will be aired Mon-Sat at 5:30pm, Star Jalsa.

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