Animal Planet to unfold mysteries of Arabian deserts

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Animal-Planet---Planet-HourAnimal Planet brings an ultimate portrait of the earth’s environments, spectacular landscape and how the animals have adapted to its unique habitats, in a dedicated one-hour time band – Planet Hour.

Through its gripping series like Wildest Africa, Wild Arabia,Wildest Islands , Wildest Latin America and Equator , Animal Planet’s Planet Hour takes viewers on spectacular journey to each of the Earth’s environments, seeing how living organisms survive and thrive in conditions which range from the Arctic to the tropical.

Airing every night, from Monday to Sunday, 8 pm to 9 pm on Animal Planet, Planet Hour travels through mountains, oceans, islands, grasslands, deserts and jungles, touncover gripping stories from around the world.

With each episode Planet Hour explores the extremes of life in distinct landscapes of Arabia, Africa, Latin America and more. The programming unveils the extraordinary relationships between wildlife and humans, exploring the latest revelations about life in land of extremes.

From the ancient mysteries of Arabian deserts to ancient rituals and incredible lifestyles of Latin America, Planet Hour takes viewers across the world whilst delving into distinct geographies. It’s a journey of a lifetime as the time band explores Virunga Mountains in Africa, the land of the legendary King Solomon’s Mines;dive into the aquamarine lagoons of the Solomon Islands; travels from the sand dunes of Saudi Arabia to the coastal mountains of Oman; journeys along the equator across South America, Africa and Indonesian; explaining how organisms adapt to the peculiarities of their physical surroundings, and to each other.

Planet Hour also looks at what the future may hold for endangered animals, places and - ultimately – ourselves.It also examines the expanses of wilderness which are under threat, the valuable resources which could be lost forever as a result and how humans can help in the race to save the environment.

[stextbox id="alert"]Planet Hour will feature some of the following series:

The Virunga Mountains are the embodiment of western fantasies about ‘Darkest Africa’, the land of the legendary King Solomon’s Mines, the source of the Nile and the last place ‘discovered’ by white men in the 1890s. A mystique still surrounds them: blanketed by mists and dense jungle, they are in fact a string of volcanoes, inhabited by endangered mountain gorillas and the Batwa Pygmies.WILDEST AFRICA is a celebration of the continent’s most spectacular locations, people and wildlife; from the cradle of human civilization to the most awe-inspiring natural wonders of the world.

From the leatherback turtles, armadillos, monkeys and manatees of the Caribbean, to the puffins, basking sharks, otters and corncrakes of the Scottish Hebrides, discover how a variety of species have adapted to island life. Gain an in-depth understanding of these astonishing environments.  Experience the breath-taking sceneries, stunning details and colourful cultures that exist throughout the world’s islands.

The series celebrates South African continent’s most iconic and dramatic locations. Combining extraordinary stories of the animals and people, each episode explores the latest revelations about life in this land of extremes. From army ants to armadillos, jaguars to giant otters, find out how each species has developed unique ways to stay alive. Through ingenuity and determination, people have also found ways to make the most of what the continent has to offer. Experience all that this fascinating continent has to offer and gain an in-depth understanding of Latin America’s most spectacular places.

With unique, extensive and privileged access, this ground-breaking series moves between the vast scale of Arabia’s astonishing landscapes and the colourful creatures and remarkable people who have made this region their home. Wildlife stories and landscapes are set against the background of rapid social and cultural change - from the ancient holy city of Mecca to the ultra-modern cityscapes of the Arabian Gulf.

For most people, the equator is just an imaginary line around the globe but in this series host Simon Reeve comes face-to-face with the reality. Beneath the sweltering heat of the equatorial sun lie paradise beaches, strange foods and exotic wildlife, along with some of the world’s most extreme terrains: dense rainforests, towering volcanoes and perilous rapids. Following the line of the equator across South America, Africa and Indonesian, Reeve encounters conflict, massive environmental damages, dictators, pollution, unemployment and desperation in a spectacular travelogue.[/stextbox]


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