Animal Planet to air Mother’s Day Special

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animal_planetNew Delhi:There is nothing quite like a mother’s love, even in the great animal kingdom.Like human beings, mothers in the wild shower all their love on their offsprings, guard them from danger and impart life’s most important lessons and skills required to survive in the most hostile and dangerous environments and scenarios. Celebrate Mother’s Day with Animal Planet’s host of special programmes dedicated to some of Mother Nature’s most awe-inspiring super mums.

Explore the trials and triumphs of motherhood on the wild side. How does a sea otter keep her baby warm at sea? Why do older gulls make better mums? How does a seahorse get her mate to give birth to her babies? Why does an elephant seal choose a nursery where her pup risks being flattened by rampaging two-ton bulls? Witness some of the most intimate and extraordinary mother-child moments of the planet’s most amazing creatures in the following episodes -Super Mums, Echo And The Elephants Of Amboseli and Wild Mothers And Babies.

Episode descriptions:

Super mums : In the wild, good mothers need to be clever operators if they want their babies to survive and in turn, breed themselves. So what does it take to be one of nature’s super mums? Set in California’s spectacular Pacific coast, explore the trials and triumphs of motherhood on the wild side.

Echo And The Elephants Of Amboseli : This is the incredible story of a mother’s journey to keep her family alive. Echo is a wise elephant matriarch who lives in South Kenya alongside fifteen hundred other wild African elephants. As the oldest female and head of the family, Echo must guide four generations of her relatives through the cruel famine. She must also protect them from attacks by lions and growing conflict with angry Masai farmers. Watch how Echo leads her family out of harm’s way, and prevents clashes with animal neighbours over water, crops and grazing.

Wild Mothers And Babies : The most important moments in an animal’s life take place during the first few days after its birth.  It is at this point when bonds are forged between parent and child. From lion to lemur, hippo to elephant, this episode looks at the cutest, weirdest, funniest, most dangerous and heartbreaking moments.

Mother’s Day Special will air on Animal Planet on Sunday, May 12 from 4pm to 6pm.


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