Animal Planet to air ‘Deadly 60 on a Mission’

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Explorer Steve Backshall returns on his mission to find the world’s deadliest animals. In the new series Deadly 60 on a Mission, Steve and his trusty crew go in search of the biggest, fastest, most venomous animals in his deadliest series ever.

From lethal beauties to killer beasts, his journey takes him to some of the most hostile and remote places on Earth in order to determine the deadliest top 60.

Starting April 1st, every night at 9 pm on Animal Planet, Deadly 60 on a Mission is a highly concentrated dose of incredible adventure, high adrenaline and utterly hair raising encounters that are unbeatably deadly.

Filmed on location around the world from Sri Lanka to Nepal, Peru to Australia, the team hits the ground running – and they’re bringing the viewers along for the ride. Swimming unprotected with wild alligators, paragliding alongside an Egyptian vulture, being lowered by helicopter into a crocodile nest in Australia, a close encounter with the most venomous snake on earth; this is a record breaking series with the planet’s top predators.

Each episode of Deadly 60 on a Mission sees animals deadly enough to warrant a treasured place on Steve’s list.  However, the search is never straight forward as the crew does whatever it takes to get the ultimate close encounter, facing some of the harshest territories known to man…or beast.

From diving in the fresh water swamps of Florida on the hunt for Alligators to exploring the remote island of Komodo on a quest for the Komodo Dragon – the world’s largest lizard, capable of killing a buffalo – the series makes viewers feel as though they’re at the heart of the action, and part of the gang.

Each animal is assigned three killer facts and rated on the Deadly 60 scale as viewers are immersed in the quest for the world’s most lethal predators. In addition, the specials allow viewers to see behind the scenes and find out just what it takes to be part of the Deadly 60 team as they’re on the hunt in the world’s wildest places.


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