Animal Planet launches Steve Backshall’s Deadly 60 takes

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New Delh: Explorer Steve Backshall returns on his mission to find the world’s deadliest animals. From lethal beauties to killer beasts, his adventures take him to some of the most hostile and remote places on Earth in order to determine the most fearsome 60 on the planet.

Premiering every night at 9 pm from 1st Mayon Animal Planet, each episode of Deadly  60sees Steve and his crewracing against time to search out those animals deadlyenough to warrant a treasured place on Steve’s list.However, the search is never straight forward as thecrew does whatever it takes to get the ultimate closeencounter, facing some of the harshest territoriesknown to man…or beast.

From diving in the fresh waterswamps of Florida on the hunt for Alligators to exploringthe remote island of Komodoon a quest for theKomodo Dragon – the world’s largest lizard, capableof killing a buffalo – Deadly 60makes viewers feel asthough they’re at the heart of the action, and part of thegang.

Beautifully shot on high definition, with one-to-one experiences onSteve’s personal cam, viewers can experience thesebeautiful but deadly animals close up in their stunninghabitats. Each animal is assigned three killer facts andrated on the Deadly 60 scale as viewers are immersedin the quest for the world’s most lethal predators. Is it size, speed, aggression or the efficiency with which it kills its prey? Does an animal have to be a predator to be among the world’s most deadly creatures?In addition, the series allow viewers to see behind the scenes and find out just what it takes to be part of the Deadly 60 team as they’re on the hunt in the world’s wildest places.

From giant venomous centipedes to deadly saltwater crocodiles, it’s fatal attraction when wildlife expert Steve Backshall, travels across six continents for six months to find his “hit list” of the 60 most lethal animals on Earth. From the infamous to the unexpected, this deadly global adventure searches oceans, savannahs, deserts, mountains, islands and jungles to seek out 60 of the most fascinating - and deadly - creatures in the world. Travelling across South Africa, Australia, India, Malaysia, Europe, United Kingdom, South America and North America, Backshall encounters a host of animals whose unique appearances and masterful hunting skills make them awesome beasts of prey.

Take the hippopotamus - this friendly looking animal kills more humans than anything else in South Africa. Despite its stocky shape and short legs, the hippopotamus can easily outrun a human - it’s been clocked at 48 k.p.h.

What about the cuttlefish? Despite the name, cuttlefish belong to the mollusc group, and are among the most intelligent invertebrate species. Possessing three hearts and blue-green coloured blood, they can change colour in a fast-flashing pattern, acting as a deadly weapon of camouflage sneaking up on their prey.

Pushing four tonnes of pressure through every square centimeter of tooth, the great white shark proves to be worthy of a place on Backshall’s Deadly  60 list, and a remarkable glimpse of fish eagles grappling their prey underwater illustrates their predatory prowess.

From all four corners of the globe, Backshall’s unique list of creatures have one thing in common…they’re all deadly!


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