Animal Planet launches MY Extreme Animal Phoia show

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New Delhi: For some, the deathly fear of snakes is completely reasonable - even if they are of the Garden variety. But what if you are terrified of moths, grasshoppers or puppies? Almost everyone is afraid of something or other, but in extreme cases, their fear can become so intense that it is actually a phobia. These phobias can transform everyday behaviour in a way that could make you laugh if it didn’t actually reduce you to tears.

A seven-part series, MY Extreme Animal Phoia premieres on Animal Planet every Sunday at 10pm starting 1st April, 2012 onwards.

What do you do when you have a phobia that is so debilitating that you are paralysed by fear? In US, many desperate adults turn to the Anxiety Treatment Center of Sacramento, run by psychologist Dr. Robin Zasio.

In this new riveting series, meet several people with unusual phobias that are disrupting their lives. Among them - Jahara, who is afraid to open windows or turn on her air conditioner for fear that spiders or bugs will get in her home; Marvin, a burly, tattooed, motorcycle-riding family man who won’t spend time outside with his kids because of his traumatic terror of pit bulls; and San Francisco musician Seth who utterly is terrified of snakes. With the guidance of Dr.Zasio, they are about to change their lives forever. The only problem - things have to get a lot worse before they can get better.

In each hour-long episode, three people embark on a five-day, live-in course of intensive exposure therapy. They achieve remarkable results to beat the fear that has taken a firm grip on their lives. Whether wild animals or domestic pets, including roaches, cats, lizards, spiders, dogs, birds, snakes, pigeons, bees, bats and even moths, exposure therapy is highly effective and very entertaining.

MY Extreme Animal Phoia episode descriptions:
Episode 1
Psychologist and phobia expert Dr. Robin Zasio puts three strangers through five days of intense exposure therapy in hope of freeing them from their extreme animal fears. Single mother Jahara is deathly afraid of spiders and refuses to turn on her air conditioning for fear they will come blowing out. In another story, Marvin, an all-around tough guy, is unable to walk around his neighbourhood due to his paralysing fear of pit bulls. Finally, a childhood encounter with a snake has made Seth a prisoner in his own home. With support from Dr.Zasio and each other, can Jahara, Marvin and Seth overcome their fears and take back their lives?

Episode 2
Dr. Robin Zasio tackles irrational and paralyzing fears of bats, rats and roaches. Tom, a masculine and otherwise fearless man, feels powerless by even the thought of bats. In another story, Laura is unable to visit her family in Puerto Rico due to her intense fear of cockroaches. Finally, Roxanne, a seminary student, longs to participate in missionary work, but her crippling fear of rats and mice make it impossible. Can Dr.Zasio provide a positive change and set these three on a path to life-altering transformations?

Episode 3
Psychologist and phobia expert Dr. Robin Zasio guides three strangers on a journey to confront their deepest animal fears. Circus sideshow performer Andrew eats glass and raises exotic animals for a living, but seeing a cockroach causes him to vomit. Jackie, 22, loves to exercise outdoors, but risks running into wild coyotes to avoid her arch nemesis - the butterfly. Recent college graduate Katie knows she must overcome her crippling fear of spiders if she is going to make it in the real world. Now, these three band together for five days of intense exposure therapy to break through their phobias.

Episode 4
Three people face their most terrifying animal fears during five days of intense exposure therapy at the hands of clinical psychologist and phobia expert Dr. Robin Zasio. Shelly has a terrifying fear of sharks so severe that she refuses to swim in even freshwater lakes. Kurt wrestles men twice his size for a living but cowers in fear behind his girlfriend when confronted by the smallest buzzing bee. Tameeka is so terrified by millipedes that she won’t enter her own home if she spots one in the doorway.

Episode 5
Dr. Robin Zasio brings three strangers together for five days of intense exposure therapy in an effort to ride them of their crippling animal phobias. Donvale has a crippling fear of moths that forces all family activities to be planned around avoiding any possible encounters with the insects. Timo is reduced to tears by the sight of a lizard, and swipes at the reptiles he imagines are crawling all over him. Luann want to join her family in enjoying the outdoors, but she’ll have to overcome her paralysing fear of birds first.

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