Al Jazeera’s earthrise returns with heart-warming stories

Al Jazeera’s popular environmental series, earthrise returns on Monday 20th April.  Its recent journey around the globe has uncovered a host of uplifting and heart-warming stories which champion those individuals working on the frontlines of environmental conservation and the fight against climate change.

Each programme in this magazine-style series focusses on two or three short films ranging from ecological to scientific initiatives or technological and design projects. Whether they are on a village or a global scale, these ideas and schemes go far beyond simply cutting carbon emissions to finding solutions that could help restore the earth’s natural systems and contribute to a world economy genuinely founded on green principles.

In this, the seventh series, presenter Russell Beard is joined by regulars Gelareh Darabi, Nidhi Dutt and Juliana Schatz as well as Al Jazeera English environment editor, Nick Clark.

Earthrise also welcomes new contributors South African presenter, Ndoni Khanyile, (who presented Al Jazeera’s Innovate Africa), and from Asia, Hong Kong presenter Diane To and Tokyo based reporter, Rachel Mealey.

Russell Beard, earthrise presenter:  “What we are trying to do with earthrise is switch people on to the environmental challenges facing us all, but in a positive and proactive way.  Hopefully this will encourage people to engage with the ongoing debate and maybe even take some action themselves, because the environment is our home, and what happens to it affects us all. In this series we meet the ‘Species Champions’ saving endangered animals from extinction and the community teams using low-cost technologies to monitor local pollution; from cleaning and greening a major port to a home-grown social enterprise using smart design to help farmers survive; from creating underground concrete flood tunnels to harnessing the potential of tidal power; earthrise introduces some extraordinary people and the vital work they’re engaged in to find solutions to global environmental challenges.”


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