Al Jazeera English news channel now available on Tata Sky

April 27, 2022 10:11 am0 commentsViews: 2

New Delhi: Aiming to provide “high
quality international news” to a wider Indian audience, Gulf-based Al
Jazeera Network Thursday announced that its English network will also be
shown across the country through Tata Sky.

The network, which is
available in more than 130 countries to more than 260 million
households worldwide, is already reaching out to Indian audiences
through Dish TV and cable.

“We are already reaching 25 million
households across India. India is a huge market. We come from Middle
East but we give a global picture. We are also focussing on Africa and
Latin America, which is not covered by others that much,” Diana Hosker,
head of distribution at Al Jazeera, said.

“We know there are many
news channels, but we are confident that we can give the audience a
different voice. The audience wants high quality international news,
which gives the global picture and not just focused on a particular
country or region. Our coverage of the Arab spring caught the attention
of the viewers,” she added.

The network, which got its
broadcasting licence to operate in India in 2010, will not only be
broadcasting its international feed, but also showcase India specific
news stories of global relevance and interest. They will also showcase
documentaries focusing on India-specific subjects.

About their tie-up with Tata Sky, Hosker said, through them they will be able to reach more households.

to Nicola Bamford, chief content and business development officer at
Tata Sky, despite so many news channels in India, audiences are always
looking for international news that is truly global.

Tata Sky has nine million connections in India, according to Mukund Sharma, associate vice president (Content).

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