AdvertisementIndia launches online newspaper classified booking portal

June 16, 2021 8:24 pm0 commentsViews:

W.Y.S.I.W.Y.G. Advertising Pvt. Ltd has announced the launch of, an online newspaper classified booking portal.

“Newspapers simply will not be able to ignore this as internet is progressively becoming a major source for most classifieds. There is an increasing need for a consolidated local marketplace. It is all moving online. The experience is so much richer online and there is a lot that can be done through this medium. It surely is a more accessible and convenient source”, says Roopesh Agarwal, Founder, Advertisement .

Newspaper publishers all across the globe are finally beginning to understand that there is going to be a different future for the growing classified advertising booking businesses. A multi-billion dollar market, booking of Classified Advertisements is now fast moving online.

Historically newspapers relied upon their classified ads as a major source of revenue and the trend still continuous with a slight shift in the source. While most newspapers have constructed websites, they generally have not been too creative about using the capabilities of the medium for the booking of ads.

With an increasing trend of online booking of classifieds, India foresees a growing number of people placing ads online. With services like comprehensive searchability, media planning, single window e-booking, area wise reach to all leading Newspapers along with designing and easy placement, internet has become the most feasible, accessible and easy medium.

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