Adlabs Imagica rolls out extensive 3600 marketing campaign

May 6, 2022 2:26 pm0 commentsViews: 55

Mumbai: Adlabs Imagica has launched a 360 degree marketing campaign, taking customer engagement to an all new level. With a strong media mix including Print, Radio, Digital, OOH, Television and Cinema, the campaign has been divided into the pre-launch, launch and sustenance phase to keep the momentum on-going. A clear role has been given to each media vehicle and various innovations have been implemented across media from time to time.

Driving social conversations and education about a true international standard theme park is critical for the launch period. With an aim of building the recall for the trails of the park, the campaign revolved around good use of Digital media in the form of Social and innovative Display & Search during the pre-launch phase to create hype and build up around Imagica. A co-branded contest with the Times of India Group across print and radio was initiated that offered an exclusive sneak peek preview at Imagica coined as “First of the Imagicans”. Additionally a unique web and mobile app was created for the visitors - “Imagicate your World”. This unique application allowed customers to create photos with captions using park characters in the frame. Going forward, the mobile app will further play the role of driving social loyalty, social share and E-Commerce.

The launch phase consisted of extensive print advertising campaign with close to 100 high impact and innovative print advertisement inserts spread over 6 weeks across Maharashtra, Gujarat and Delhi NCR. To add to this, the OOH campaign was spread over 500 sites across Mumbai, Pune and the Mumbai-Pune Expressway. A judicious mix of high impact hoardings for a short burst and bus shelters & pole kiosks to drive a 45-day long sustenance campaign was executed. Followed by this, television and cinema advertising campaigns will break with cinema catering to Maharashtra, Gujarat and Delhi NCR with a good mix of multiplexes and key single screen cinemas, the month-long television campaign will communicate to audiences pan India through a right channel mix across genres like GEC, music, kids, English movies and news.

Amidst the mainstream ATL mediums, a strong Viral campaign is also running on Digital and Radio to drive intrigue, awareness and constant recall amongst consumers. The viral campaign is around 2 key characters of the Park – an Astronaut and a Dinosaur. A strong plot has been created around these characters which will generate curiosity and interest amongst consumers and driving them to our social media handle

Also, Adlabs Imagica offers a bouquet of opportunities for advertisers to bring their brands directly to consumers. The portfolio of branding opportunities in terms of Sponsorships and Alliances for the park, includes anything from Ride Branding to Engagement Zones, from Pouring Rights to Park maps.

A consumer spends anything between 8 to 10 hours a day in the park premises and brands get a unique opportunity to spread their message in an environment where people are having a good time, making them more receptive to such messages. This in-turn decreases ad avoidance, constrains advertising spillage due to the ability for brands to target the consumers they want and increases the time spent by brands in interacting directly with their end consumers.

Being a destination where people come to enjoy the attractions and atmosphere, Adlabs Imagica believes in keeping the park as uncluttered as possible so as not to have in your face advertising for consumers who visit the park. The focus on exclusivity and the sync between the brands and the park, which helps in maintaining a branding decorum within the park due to category exclusivity and also improves the quality of branding and the nature of integration of the brand into the park.


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