ABC announces mental health programming line up

To coincide with 2015 World Mental Health Day on October 10, the ABC will again focus a week of programming on mental health and illness and lead discussion, debate and community awareness on an issue that affects many Australians. As with last year’s successful initiative, ABC Mental As will offer a variety of innovative and entertaining programs across TV, radio and online exploring mental illness, health and wellbeing.

Managing Director Mark Scott said there was strong support in the mental health sector for the return of Mental As in 2015.

“Last year’s Mental As was well received by our audience and the mental health sector and we are very confident of making it a success again, with a strong focus on generating more conversations,” he said.

“It was a great role for the ABC to lead that much needed national conversation and we are looking forward to hosting it this year.”

ABC Mental As attracted a TV audience of 5.9 million Australians in 2014 over the week of programming, while all radio, news and online platforms saw high levels of audience engagement.  ABC Mental As helped raise $1.5 million for mental health research, with funds going to emerging research leaders, via the Society for Mental Health Research.

Mental illness touches nearly every Australian in some way.  Almost half of us will experience it while families, friends and colleagues all share the burden.  For young Australians it is responsible for the majority of health problems and for many Australians mental illness is linked to premature death, suffering and disability.

World Mental Health Day this year is Saturday October 10 and the week of programs will begin on Monday 5 October with fundraising proceeds again going to support mental health research.


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