A missed call to buy or sell, it doesn’t get Quikrrr than that !

Mumbai: After generating a host of conversations and speculations about a yet-to-be-released ad, Quikr - India’s largest horizontal classifieds company unveiled its latest advertising campaign.

It features the famous Bengali actor Saswata Chaterjee (unforgettable in his role as Bob Biswas, the cold blooded killer in Kahaani) in a comical role. The campaign was unveiled after a high engagement teaser phase on social media that made use of Saswata’s cult status to the hilt.

First, a mysterious playlist titled ‘Bob is Back!’ with 5 short teaser videos, was seeded in Youtube and Facebook as several conversations began about what Bob is possibly upto, a hashtag #WhatisBobUpto was promoted on Twitter. It struck the right chord and people came with all sorts of tweets ranging from ‘Being Naughty at 40”, ‘Praying to God that Big Boss is renamed Big Bob’ to ‘selling his gun on Quikr’! The final ad will also be making a splash on various Quikr social media properties before it actually airs on TV.

This will be the second campaign for Quikr and has been done by Scarecrow Communications. The first one was released in 2011 and did a great job of spreading awareness about the company and how it helps its users sell and buy in the ‘Quikest’ possible way. With the second campaign, Quikr aims to reach out to a much wider audience, including those who are not active users of the internet. To make the entire process of listing even easier and ‘quikrrr’, the company has now set up a contact centre that can help people post their ads. All people need to do is give a Missed Call to 1800-3000-1000, as highlighted in the new advertisement.

Like the first set of advertisements, there is a touch of humour in the new campaign as well. It is based on the solid insight that sellers (especially of high value items like cars, homes) will go to any lengths to get the best value from the sale. Saswata is depicted as one such desperate seller who is clearly on the brink of desperation to find a reliable tenant for his flat.

Speaking on the launch of the new ad campaign, Aparna Mahesh, Brand Head, Quikr.com said, “We at Quikr believe that everything can and should be made simpler. Our research showed us that for many people in India, the act of posting an ad online is daunting and perceived as time-consuming. With that in mind, we launched the Missed Call service, which is sure to open up our platform to a huge number of users who have never tried us in the past.”

According to Raghu Bhat, Founder Scarecrow Communications, “Quikr is a high recall brand today, thanks to its quirky personality and sticky audio mnemonic. This campaign takes Quikrrrrr-mania to the next level by using one of the finest actors of our times, Saswata Chatterjee. The film is loaded with nuances, a crazy soundtrack and is based on a solid insight. We hope this will generate as much conversation as the last campaign.”

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