85% Online Durable Intenders Prefer Internet for Search: Webchutney

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New Delhi :

Inside The Mind of the ‘Wired’ Consumer Durables’ Buyer, the second report in a series of vertical- specific reports launched by Webchutney, maps the Indian durable consumer’s usage, attitude and perception towards internet and its influence in driving purchase decisions.

Based on responses gathered from 2000 consumers, the report captures online behavior as well as media preferences of existing durable owners and intenders. Survey results indicate that with 76% of existing durable owners online harboring intent to purchase another durable good, their demand remains strong across all product categories.

85% durable intenders online prefer internet over all other information sources for durables’ research, indicating a marked shift in the traditionally popular referral model of influencing purchase decisions.

The report highlights a large chunk of consumers who share durables’ related views, opinions and experiences across a cross section of online platforms including consumer review websites, blogs, social networking websites and company websites. Internet’s potent ability to offer in-depth, incisive and easy access to information from multiple sources, has given rise to a new consumer-to-consumer model of information dissemination, vastly influencing their choices for durable brands.

Speaking on the release, Sidharth Rao, CEO and Co-Founder, Webchutney, says “Internet access and use is no longer a privilege of the elite or limited to research in the academia alone. Today an average Indian is actively using it to compare one TV brand against another to ensure greater value for money and make an informed purchase decision. ‘Inside The Mind of the Wired Consumer Durables’ Buyer’ captures this tectonic shift in consumer behavior and aims to make marketers realize that as competition in the category increases, the range and scale of their executions must move beyond traditional media, particularly, to pursue today’s immensely mobile and innately evolving consumers.”

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