TimesJobs Launches JobBuzz

New Delhi: TimesJobs has announced the launch of JobBuzz.

JobBuzz is an employee to employee community which helps jobseekers decide which company, industry and role is right for them by providing them company reviews, ratings, salary and interview information contributed by members who happen to be current or past employees of a company.

The reality is that, that India Inc’s workforce is more connected and transparent, than ever before. “Social on Mobile” has led to an information revolution, where 87% of Indian employees utilize social networks to understand an organization’s work culture, 75% of them track movements and events of their favourite companies to keep themselves updated and an equal percentage are hesitant to join companies that have received negative reviews. (Source :Ma Foi Randstad Survey)

The need to attract, employ and engage top talent is an imperative for Indian companies. Today “Money’s at a discount and talent’s at a premium”. While manpower & degrees abound, skills are still in short supply - and money is no longer the only incentive for the super-talented.

Speaking on this changed recruitment scenario, Avnish Anand, Product Head, TimesJobs.com remarked, “We are now in the recruitment 3.0 stage. Prior to that, recruitment 1.0 and 2.0 focused on the active job seeker and traditional job portals worked like magic. In today’s recruitment 3.0 stage, there is much greater emphasis on the passive job seeker. Thanks to the rise of social networks, there is great focus on building communities in order to attract both the active and passive jobseeker.”

“JobBuzz will serve as a platform that attracts the right talent with credible company information and thereby serve the HR fraternity as an avenue for honest engagement.” explained Anand.

JobBuzz crowd-sources India-centric company information from verified employees - displaying their reviews anonymously to protect their identity thereby ensuring genuine and honest feedback. In addition, Ratings presented are weighted aggregates that eliminate biases and give a comprehensive & reliable score.

Just in its Beta Launch, with no promotion or publicity, JobBuzz has grown organically, and already has more than 80, 000 reviews covering more than 2,000 companies. In addition, the community generated ratings and reviews are balanced and the forum has fortunately not become a rant board of gripes and complaints. The promotion & advertising campaign is being launched currently, and should be seen in major dailies shortly.

JobBuzz covers the core areas of candid Company Reviews, Interview Processes and Questions, crowd-sourced Salary and remuneration levels in the Industry and aggregated Company Rankings on significant parameters such as Work-Life, Learning & Development, etc. JobBuzz also creates Industry Research based on hard data for India to fulfill the growing demand for industry level reports from a neutral platform.

However, smart career decisions need more than just employee reviews and ratings - they need the employer’s perspectives as well. It is imperative to hear the corporate side of the story as well - issues raised in reviews need to be clarified, sometimes factual information is required, specific follow-up questions need to be asked and detailed responses given. JobBuzz is designed to enable this sharing of views, ideas and perspectives between corporates & employees.

“Recruitment and employee engagement have to consider geographical and cultural factors. Therefore, JobBuzz has been launched as a localized India-specific platform where the information collected and displayed is customized to address the culture, values, needs, fears & anxieties and issues faced by Indian employees.” summarized Anand.

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