Zeta Interactive Announce 'Zeta Buzz Awards' Winners

Zeta Interactive, a leading digital marketing agency with a full-service suite of interactive tools ranging from email marketing to Web development and social media analysis, among many others, has announced the winners of the First Annual Zeta Buzz Awards. Using its Zeta Buzz technology – a social media mining tool that instantly taps into the more than 100 million blogs, message boards and online communities – Zeta Interactive analyzed the entire social media landscape to determine which people, places and things received the best online buzz of 2008.

The company organized the Zeta Buzz Awards into 16 categories, representing a wide variety of public interest topics from the past year including: retail, entertainment, sports, travel, and many others. In each category there were five finalists, with the resulting winners determined by which finalist had the highest overall Zeta Buzz rating. The buzz rating is calculated by a formula that weighs a variety of different factors on a given subject, including overall volume of online posts, and the positive or negative tone of those posts.

In a year that was defined by economic turmoil, there was a spotlight cast brightly on the retail category, as the public was eager to see which retailers would manage to keep their online reputations in tact despite the worsening financial situation. In this category Kohl’s prevailed as the best overall retail store with a buzz rating of 329.01, while Nordstrom claimed the award for best overall luxury retail store and Amazon.com earned the title of most buzzworthy online retail Web site.

In other categories, Heath Ledger claimed the most buzzworthy controversial celebrity of 2008, and Michael Phelps won the award for most buzzworthy athlete. However, no individual figure was close to achieving the rating that Barack Obama received. Obama was not only the most buzzworthy politician of 2008, but also was the most buzzworthy person of the year, with an overall rating of 1833.57.

“The 2008 Zeta Buzz Awards were a tremendous success, as they enabled us to provide the public with valuable insight on which topics of the past year were discussed most frequently and passionately on the Internet,” said Al DiGuido, CEO of Zeta Interactive. “As we head into the New Year, this intelligence is invaluable to any marketer looking to take a snapshot of their brand and gain competitive intelligence as to how their online reputation stacks up against their competitors.”

Throughout 2008, Zeta Interactive used the Zeta Buzz technology to measure buzz surrounding popular current event topics and social trends such as the Presidential election, the financial crisis, sports and entertainment events, holiday shopping patterns, and many other topics of public interest. A growing number of organizations rely on the technology to collect vital business and competitive intelligence to help drive decisions regarding their brands and products.

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