ZEDO Gets BPA Worldwide Certification for Ad serving

Silicon Valley based ZEDO Inc, third largest ad serving company in the world, has announced that BPA Worldwide has certified that ZEDO’s practices and technologies for reporting ad reach are compliant with Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) guidelines. ZEDO is now an IAB certified Ad Server.

BPA Worldwide is the global industry resource for verified audience data and media knowledge. It’s Interactive System Certification Accreditation complies with all Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) guidelines, thekey organization that oversees advertising on the Internet in the US,and provides additional systems verification that go above and beyond the IAB requirements.

This certification confirms that ZEDO is one of the leading ad servers in the industry. The rigorous analysis of ZEDO processes, systems and security and the changes made to receive certification now allow leading publishers across the world to rely on ZEDO and be confident that numbers are correct and discrepancies low.

Roy de Souza, CEO, ZEDO said, “Our firm commitment to being able to provide the most accurate information is endorsed with this certification. Our certification will benefit our advertisers and publishers immensely. ZEDO has always been a high quality technology product. It is a leading ad server and has the lowest discrepancies in the industry.”

ZEDO is the world’s third largest ad serving company and the largest independent ad server. ZEDO focuses on three areas for high volume web publishers. First it sells behavioral campaigns for them. Second, ZEDO offers an ad network optimization product that calculates in real time for each impression which ad network will pay the publisher the most. Third, ZEDO offers an extensive ad serving technology, a self service system which allows advertisers to buy directly from the publisher and also a comprehensive behavioral technology platform to allow publishers to sell impressions to all behavioral buyers. ZEDO has been providing ad serving to publishers and ad networks since 1999.

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