YR Singapore celebrates Caltex 75th Anniversary with major new campaign

Singapore : Y&R Singapore has created a major new campaign for CaltexTM, one of the leading international fuels brand in Asia Pacific, to coincide with the brand’s 75th anniversary this month. The campaign, entitled ‘Caltex. Enjoy The Journey’ and promoting Caltex Service Stations, launches this week in Malaysia, Thailand, New Zealand and Singapore and will be rolled out across the Philippines, Hong Kong, Cambodia, South Africa and Pakistan.

Y&R was tasked with creating a 360 degree communications campaign which would reinvigorate the Caltex brand with a unique point of view, differentiate the brand in the marketplace and enable it to better connect with its customers, providing both a functional and emotional reason to choose Caltex. ‘Caltex. Enjoy the Journey’ positions Caltex as the brand which understands all types of motorists, and works hard to make their journeys a little more enjoyable by providing good fuel, good service and good facilities.

Creative execution includes a special 75th Anniversary logo, designed by a Caltex employee and to be used in some marketing collateral during 2011. A new logo has also been designed by Y&R – a 3D button – which is a graphic representation of the same logo displayed on the canopies at Caltex fuel stations.

There is a focus on the use of more emotive imagery throughout the campaign, including the use of bubbles as a recurring feature, as a universal symbol of escapism and happiness as well as a metaphor for the cleaning power of Caltex fuel. The TVCs tell the stories of Caltex customers, including the little girl who needs a clean bathroom and the mum who just needs her car to run properly.

‘Caltex. Enjoy The Journey’ will run across Television, Print, Digital, Radio, Outdoor and In-store.

Brian Fisher, Caltex Global Brand Manager says, “‘What Drives You’ was 10 years old, and our brand is 75 years young and vibrant. Caltex like all major brands needs to keep with the times. The inspiration for the campaign comes very much from the customers that we serve. Caltex is a people-centric brand. We like to focus on the fundamental qualities of being customer-focused, agile, professional, loyal and socially responsible. So in our advertising, we focused more on the emotional needs of people, and less on the machinery and technical jargon.”

Camellia Tan, Senior Regional Account Director at Y&R Singapore said, ’We wanted to take the Caltex brand from the space they’ve been in with ‘What Drives You’ and ‘Little Cleaners’ which was effective but functional, and bring it into more personal, uplifting brand territory. To transition the brand from ‘What Drives You’ to ‘Enjoy the Journey’, we produced the ‘Caltex Bubbles’ campaign – this is just the first taste of the Caltex Brand Renaissance work – we’re taking a phased approach, with a lot more to come.”

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