YR launches a landmark study of Generation Asia

Singapore: Y&R Asia has launched a major study, Generation Asia, conducted among 2,600 18-35 year olds across nine countries in Asia. The study provides a fascinating insight into a generation born into a world where prosperity and opportunity surrounds them, following an intense decade of boom and bust as well as dramatic social, political and technological change.

The study will give Y&R’s clients a window into better understanding how this unprecedented time in history is shaping Asia’s newest generation of consumers by measuring their attitudes, perceptions and reactions to key brands. The study also reveals how they feel about their own country and other nations and how this also impacts on their brand choices.

Engaging with Asia’s newest generation of consumers through the medium they know best, the Internet, the study uses specially designed psychographic statements and Y&R’s proprietary BrandAsset® Valuator (BAV) model, covering 48 attributes to provide answers to questions such as:

• How does Generation Asia view its own future?
• How does Generation Asia view nations, cultural differences and how does that shape their brand choices?
• What is their view on technology and emerging brands
• How can companies and brands really connect with Generation Asia?
• What do nations have to do to effectively engage with an increasingly vocal and collective youth?

Commenting on the research, Hari Ramanathan, Regional Planning Director, Y&R Asia said, “From India to China and everywhere in between, this is a generation that has started their first jobs, gone to university, perhaps returned home from foreign universities to embark on a journey that their parents never thought possible in their lifetime. A time when most of the opportunity in the world lies at home, when the global economic might has seen a seismic shift to the East.

“We’ve taken the core philosophy and approach of BAV and transformed it for a modern, fast-moving region. Generation Asia hangs out online, so we’ve talked to them online. Adopting this approach has enabled us to really tap into hearts and minds. The results reveal much deeper insights than you usually get when adopting more traditional means of survey such as focus groups or other forms of offline discussion.”

Who is Generation Asia? :They are young, smart, they’re online and increasingly want to be seen and heard. Generation Asia is always connected, always ‘on’. They ‘DJ” seamlessly across social and digital media, adopting multiple identities which means that their personas can appear contrary, with attitudes often contradicting actual behavior. So they can be both opinion leaders blazing a trail and followers looking for guidance. They can be incredibly outward-facing yet also have a great sense of national pride. They may believe they are resistant to Western influences and yet still visit McDonalds or buy clothes from Zara.

In response, the Generation Asia study aims to simplify this complex group of individuals by identifying six distinct character traits ranging from Progressives, the early adopters of all things new, to Patriots who are steadfastly conservative and traditional. However, the real strength of the study is its ability to turn the traditional segmentation method on its head, and to look more at what draws this fascinating group of people together and what this means for brands trying to engage with them.

Beta analysis of Generation Asia has already proved popular with Y&R Asia clients and the next few months will see the publication of some exciting insights into one of the most fascinating group of young people in the world.

Methodology : Generation Asia uses the same methodology as BrandAsset® Valuator (BAV), Y&R’s own set of research and accompanying analysis tools and recognized as a world leader in its field. Respected and envied across the industry, BAV has the world’s largest database of brands and has talked to over 750,000 consumers in 51 countries. This latest study inspired by BAV, and designed specifically by Y&R Asia, applies the tried and tested principles of BAV using a new and modern methodology, providing a more nimble and relevant way of having a conversation with a new emerging generation in the world’s fastest growing continent.

Generation Asia was conducted exclusively online among 18-35 year olds across nine countries: China, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, South Korea, Thailand, Vietnam.

Generation Asia was commissioned by Y&R, conducted by global research house, Penn Schoen Berland and uses the same methodology as BrandAsset® Valuator, the world’s leading proprietary brand research. Respondents are asked psychographic questions and asked to describe brands using 48 attributes that describe their view of the nation/brand in question.

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