Young Spikes Media Competition 2010 announced

Young Spikes Media Competition, India, conducted by the Advertising Agencies Association of India (AAAI), at the initiative of The Times Group, is a challenge to young Media professionals in India to develop an innovative media strategy.

The selected team will get an opportunity to participate in Young Spikes Media Competition to be held in Singapore, as a part of Spikes Asia, Asia’s prominent Advertising Festival during 19-21 September, 2010. Gold medal will be presented to the final winning team at the Spikes Asia Awards Ceremony along with full delegate passes to Spikes Asia 2011, and most importantly, the recognition that comes with being named part of the top young advertising team in Asia.

The theme for the Indian competition is “Driving traffic discipline in Young India”. The task is to persuade young, urban, Indian youth below 34 belonging to SEC A, B, and C, residing in metros and class 1 towns to follow all traffic rules and adopt a certain traffic discipline with a view to reducing travel time and making travel safer. The indicated budget is Rs.20 crores spread over 6 months, October 1, 2010 to March 31, 2011.

As we all know India has poor roads, in terms of quality, surfacing and road signage and the number of cars on Indian roads is increasing in leaps and bounds. Compound this with poor road sense and discipline of Indian automobile drivers and you have a potential situation where all traffic will only be able to crawl or come to a virtual standstill because of motorists not following traffic discipline, resulting in doubling or trebling of travel time and endangering lives of people on the road.

Traffic discipline refers to meticulously following traffic signals, sticking to lanes, stopping at intersections, giving right of way to traffic on right, following one ways, no u-turns, giving signals etc.

The competition doesn’t require teams to become immersed in providing tactical media plans or explanations; rather they should develop a conceptual Media Planning approach, explaining why a medium was selected and how it is intended to be used to powerfully drive the objective.

The strategic idea must be demonstrated clearly across the selected media channels and the winning team will be the one that creates the most compelling Communications Strategy to address the behavioural challenge.

Judges will evaluate the teams based on the Approach selected to reach the precise target audience and the strategy and tactics adopted to persuade and encourage the target audience to take desired action, rather than evaluate reach, frequency and exposure at lowest cost.

Eligibility :1. You must be born on or after 22nd September, 1982.2.You must have a valid passport not expiring before October 2010.3. You must be fluent in English.4.Any two people working in a media agency or in the media department of a full-service agency can form a team and take part in the competition.5.The contest is open to people presently working in AAAI member agencies. Evidence of this may be called for.

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