Yahoo Offers a New, Simple Way to Log In

yahoo-logoYahoo! Inc. has announced a new intuitive option for users to login to their account without any need for a password. Upon sign in, an on-demand password is texted directly to a user’s mobile phone.

Yahoo’s new authentication option aims to ease anxiety around password memorization and improve security for users.

Once a user opts-in, the next time they sign on, Yahoo will send a secure password directly to their mobile phone. The on-demand password option is now available for U.S. users.

Users can opt in to receive on-demand passwords with the following simple steps:
1) Sign in to
2) Click on the user name at the top right corner to go to the account information page.
3) Select “Security” in the left bar.
4) Click on the slider for “On-demand passwords” to opt-in.
5) Enter the phone number associated with the account and Yahoo will send a verification code.
6) Enter the code to login.
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