Yahoo Launches onePlace , Mobile Content Management System

Yahoo has announced the launch of Yahoo onePlace – a revolutionary mobile content management solution. Yahoo onePlace is designed to be an essential tool to enable consumers to better manage the wide selection of content available across the Internet.

“Over the last three years, we have aggressively executed on our mobile strategy to deliver innovative and indispensable services to consumers globally and become the starting point for the most users. With the introduction of Yahoo! onePlace, we are announcing the next essential component to our mobile product line up,” said Marco Boerries, executive vice president, Connected Life, Yahoo!. “Yahoo! onePlace is where users will be able to find what matters to them the most, no matter where their interests, passions and information come from. Yahoo onePlace will provide mobile users with a rich and dynamic content experience.”

Yahoo onePlace(TM) will bring together a consumer’s interests, passions and important information into a single location – creating a rich and highly personalized experience. Everything is instantly organized, dynamically kept current, and served to them the way they want. So now, the content they consume and the way they consume it will be hyper-customized to their specific preferences and tastes.

Yahoo onePlace will be simple-to-use because it will be based on a familiar process of using bookmarks to instantly link to practically any piece of content (news feeds, web sites, videos, images, emails, search queries, etc.) from anywhere across the Internet. Once in Yahoo! onePlace, everything will be kept automatically updated (with the latest game score, stock price, etc.) as well as assigned categories and tags – or placed into customized “collections” that consumers create – making it extremely intuitive for consumers to find and combine their content in the ways most useful to them.

Yahoo onePlace will allow consumers to stay better informed on the topics they care about, with less work – for their daily interests (e.g., favorite sports teams or stocks), as well as those they only care about on a selective basis. For example, if a user is planning a holiday to Paris in June, he could create a “Paris” collection, and begin linking it to any information he thinks will be useful to him on his trip: weather conditions, city guides, restaurant reviews, hotel reservations, walking maps, songs of Edith Piaf, English-French dictionaries, winery recommendations, etc. Yahoo! onePlace will give consumers a single location to consume all of their information contextually, keeping it updated (so they know, for example, if their flight times have changed) and instantly accessible whenever and however they want it. The product will be configured to allow consumers to do the same for literally hundreds of different topics.

Yahoo onePlace is expected to launch, along with Yahoo! oneConnect(TM), in Q2 2008, joining Yahoo!’s award-winning mobile product portfolio, which includes Yahoo! Go 3.0, Yahoo!’s new mobile homepage and Yahoo! oneSearch(TM). After its release, Yahoo! onePlace is expected to become available across hundreds of devices and mobile browsers around the world.

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